Mimi Faye
Mimi Faye
Mimi Faye. MimiFaye.
Member reactions:
looking at the cat I don't think he likes the idea eather.

Funny Drew Carey Mimi

Drew Carey Mimi
If only it worked for real.
Member reactions:
I had a blast doing it. Doing Drew wasn't that bad, but getting Mimi....yikes. Glad you like it.
I couldn't agree more with the "over used faces" Great work.
Thanks. I did sharpen it, then smoothed it,..but it seems to loose quality as a jpeg then again after it's uploaded...dunno why.
Oh this was funny. You chose the most intreasting pepel to use.
Thanks. I try to stay away from Bush & Jackson.
I hope somehow this gets to Mr Carey...he could use a laugh...

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