Barney Miller Tribute
Barney Miller Tribute
Barney Miller Tribute. Barney Miller was a sitcom which ran for 8 seasons back in the early 70s on ABC. Starring Hal Linden, Steve Landsberg, Max Gail, Ron Glass, and Jack Soo. Please enjoy in Hd.
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Where In The Name Of GOD Is FISH. Abe Vigoda.
I did Fish just recently in another freak show and didnt want to repeat him here. Sorry.
Nice details... and good caricature done on the faces good look and well done on the lighting aspect
Just another one missing Fish.. great job on the others.

Funny Abe Vigoda PFish from Barney Miller

Abe Vigoda PFish from Barney Miller
Abe Vigoda-Fish from Barney Miller. Most of you are too young to remember.
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Thanks, Grumpy. Guess we've both seen better days. Ha Ha.
Unfortunately or not, I remember too and this is a nice chop
this site has more geriatrics than i thought. ha ha.

Funny Britney Spears, Sienna Miller and Christina

Britney Spears, Sienna Miller and Christina
sources sienna miller: eyes briney spears: face and mouth X-tina: nose
Member reactions:
Great choice of sources and excellent chop.

Funny Beer Miller Light Bulb

Beer Miller Light Bulb
Member reactions:
why i must say,,,,,,,,,i LOVE THIS PIECE. HERE HERE.
Clever. Love the wording too ... less filling. more watts.

Funny Indian Miller

Indian Miller
Member reactions:
Thanx aintme....fixed it...i hope its o.k now

Funny Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Funny Sienna Miller Chin Face

Sienna Miller Chin Face

Funny Sienna Miller Midget

Sienna Miller Midget

Funny Sienna Miller Double Vision

Sienna Miller Double Vision
please view full
Member reactions:
here is the source click I don't know why but I couldn't edit my entry anymore :s

Funny Bode Miller Skiing Stamp

Bode Miller Skiing Stamp
Member reactions:
It's Bode, not Brode. The text is partly outside of the stamp edges, which could stand some improvement, imo.

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