Milky Way
Milky Way
Milky Way. Member reactions:
Traffic view. Good merge with sky and land

Funny Baby Milky Thinker

Baby Milky Thinker
thats what baby thinks about, I guess Stocks used
Member reactions:
Does baby think about Dolphins also
thank you guys well everything possible kellie
, this kiddo is a real Milk-holic superb piece no doubt.
Very cool milk effects. And his face expression is sweet..
Milk splash work is done especially well in this chop. Impressive composition overall.
Congratulations on the Silver Kratos, Excellent work as usual.
I nsee you coded your chop with DK. Dolphins are a nice touch
Congrats kratos on the silver. It's a wonderful shop...I love it...Great idea and the baby are so cuuuutttttteeeee.
thank you all , that was same what i thinking about but now it's brests in my head

Funny Chick Coming out of Milky Egg

Chick Coming out of Milky Egg

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