Stop singing, got milk!
Stop singing, got milk!
Stop singing, got milk!.

Funny Ketchup Milk

Ketchup Milk
Some people would probably actually like this...but it sounds awful to me.
Member reactions:
When I make tomato soup, I use milk instead of water - much tastier. So why not.
Well then drink ya some ice cold ketchup milk, Bob.

Funny milk snake

milk snake

Funny Vladimir Putin Feeding a Tiger a Bottle of Milk

Vladimir Putin Feeding a Tiger a Bottle of Milk

Funny Milk for Tiger

Milk for Tiger

Funny Milking Cow with Tiger

Milking Cow with Tiger

Funny Kim Jong Un Milking a Goat

Kim Jong Un Milking a Goat
Member reactions:
This will produce yellow cheese, I suppose .
Kim.... Hilarious.. he deserves this job only funny chop

Funny Babies Milk Bottle Race

Babies Milk Bottle Race
Member reactions:
Genius thought, real story for this concept

Funny Obama with Milk of Rat Coffee

Obama with Milk of Rat Coffee
he was a volunteer, only
Member reactions:
nice work on Obama's face. spelling correction; "made with rat milk" or; "made with the milk of rats" althouh now i'm not sure...maybe it's; made with the milk FROM rats"
oh wait, i think i misunderstood, haha. sorry. jere needs to sleep more hours i guess.
Look at the angle of the top of the table. That's the angle the tops of the coffees should have. The first one closest to Obama is okay. The other two are way off. You should also warp the Heineken labels to mimic the curvature of the glasses. Yours are flat. Why is Obama there. Perhaps instead of Heineken, which really doesn't make any sense, you should use the Star Bucks logo and call it, "Rat Bucks." JMO
Rather good chop, but perspectiuve problems are too evident.
Apart from the perspective angle, it's a quality work, but again, it does not have to be Obama in every chop. In fact this chop would only benefit without having any people there focusing on the product.
Congrats my friend, Very creative chop. Congrats on the cup. This tutorial may help. Single point perspective

Funny Coca Cola Milk

Coca Cola Milk
Coca-Cola to release its own brand of expensive milk And you don't even need a straw......
Member reactions:
A good way to make kids to learn how to drink Coke when they grow up

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