Johannes Vermeer `Got Milk!`
Johannes Vermeer `Got Milk!`
Johannes Vermeer "Got Milk!". The Milkmaid (Dutch: De Melkmeid or Het Melkmeisje), sometimes called The Kitchen Maid, is an oil-on-canvas painting of a "milkmaid", in fact a domestic kitchen maid, by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.
Member reactions:
It's funny to think about superheroes in everyday, mundane activities. Like picking up the kids from school in the mini van, doing the dishes, etc. nice concept and execution.
"Pouring milk ain't exactly a superhero job, but somebody has to do it." Congrats on the bronze, Andrew.
Thank you, Master-Sergeant Bob and NewsMaster.

Funny Milking the horse

Milking the horse

Funny The Milk Diary

The Milk Diary

Funny Angela Merkel Refilling Milk Into Ammunition Cartridges

Angela Merkel Refilling Milk Into Ammunition Cartridges
Angela Merkel audits refilling milk into the cartridges for Special German Piece Forces. Secret German Bundeswehr Piece Weapons.
Member reactions:
Bwhahahaahahahahahah nitrate added at no extra charge. Funny
Now this is called MilkyWar give me the Power
Milk Powered Shells Wa0... what an idea to give a lot of strength to the Enemy good job

Funny Duncan Milk-Bone Hines

Duncan Milk-Bone Hines

Funny Winona Ryder Drinking Milk

Winona Ryder Drinking Milk
Happy Birthday.

Funny Woman Milking Under a Full Moon

Woman Milking Under a Full Moon
Member reactions:
Lol, that was the first thing to come to my mind as well. Darn it.
Hahahaha....funny chop. Love the chicken hiding behind the cow. Did u kept straw between the cows leg and the chicken deliberately.. Poor doggie....all that weight on him. heheh
Cow gota like her. Look at the Cow eyes. Funny Chop
hahah...great job. i like the thong showing on the BBW
hohouse... congrats..... nice thong.....
Thanks for all the comments and votes. Doubled my income for the year.
Thanks for all the comments and votes. Doubled my income for the year. Just don't buy any milk from that farm...hehe.
Congrats HoHouse, nice crack, I mean chop.

Funny Milk Oil Drink

Milk Oil Drink
Member reactions:
Looks mighty real. reduced fat and low phosphorus. Probably unleaded too

Funny Cow Producing Oil Milk

Cow Producing Oil Milk
Member reactions:
Superbly done, but I would make the liquid totally black like oil, otherwise it looks just like a regular milk. Also would be nice to show udders with black oil dropping from them.
Yeh, what Newsy said about the milk would make it look more "oily". The mask is cool
Thanks for the tips Newsy, srry I wasn't carefully at all the details of the contest... Also thanks Mac.
I'd make the "oil" milk match the oil droplets on the mask.
I would like to see the source pictures for this
Pcrdds for the drops I use the overlay blend if I put the others liquids on overlay they became transparent and I think on the bottle and in the bucket the liquid should be darker because there is more amount of liquid
Sorry, but I beg to differ on this, hidden author. There are other methods and combinations of layer modes that can be employed to achieve the desired affect.
You should be able to reproduce the same oil color on the mask droplets in the milk jugs.
ah, poor hidden, you should have said "the droplets are morning dew, this poor cow is trying to eat but it's really hard with a gas mask... her face going wet wet wet" or something like that...
Nice edit. I too think the drops on the mask should match the color of the oil in the bottle. Chopping liquids is always a big challenge though. DD: I am not sure about all the sources, but the mask is taken from a photo on, and it was nicely placed on the cow by the hidden author
Sorry Pcrdss I didn't knew the oil car is brown really right now I found I am woman don't judge too hard I don't know nothing about cars and oil cars. Newsy indeed edits of liquids are not so easy as I thought and Evrio made me laugh, poor me indeed.
Thanks for the sources hidden. The change of color to match the droplets is a major improvement and pulls it together. Sorry for the hassel.
Good color change. Actually, various oils can also be other tints as well such as yellow, red blue and green...depending on type and use. I hope I didn't confuse you.
Yeah pcr, but what's the colour for milky oil . White, isn't it.
It would be tinted whatever color the oil is, Evirio.
that's awesome chop sunny .. well done on details , congrats on the gold trophy you doing great lately ... keep it up ..
Mr.P thanks for information, green it would look even greater thanks for congrats and thanks too Kratos.

Funny Child Drinking Marijuana Milk

Child Drinking Marijuana Milk
Member reactions:
Is the weed effect but she is beautiful.
Love the composition and the feel you gave to it - feels like a picture from a vintage magazine.
I am glad you like it NewsMaster, thank you.

Funny Milk Carton

Milk Carton
In this contest we are asking you to use your creativity and edit this image in any way you want. Use your imagination as you see fit. This image supplied by Stock Exchange. You will have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical Freaking News entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Thanks to babaloo for sponsoring this contest. Your images will be critiqued even if you ask for no critique in the apprentice contests.

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