Mel Gibson's Military Hat
Mel Gibson's Military Hat
Mel Gibson's Military Hat .

Funny Military Pope

Military Pope
Pope, papa, militar

Funny North Korean Military Gays Parade

North Korean Military Gays Parade
Member reactions:
Guy, you are on a Hot Role, congrats Wanderer.

Funny Russian military breathing mask. It's good for civilians too.

Russian military breathing mask. It's good for civilians too.
Member reactions:
Hhahahahahahaahahahah.... Why does this work so well
Because we have only one good product from Russia. Recognizable around the world.
Dammit, again 7th place, vodka did not help.
Hahahaha don't sell yourself short... but you do have a valid poing, Andrew

Funny Lunch, Restroom and Military games for fat piggy

Lunch, Restroom and Military games for fat piggy
North Korean Weapons are ready for War.
Member reactions:
I didn't know we could say "fat bassturd". But hey... it works for me. Little Fat Bassturd needs a MOAB suppository.

Funny Ben Carson the West Point Military Academy Cadet

Ben Carson the West Point Military Academy Cadet
Ben Carson Campaign Admits Claim Of West Point Acceptance Is False
Member reactions:
That suits him well. Congrats on the gold, Andrew.
Very well done, love it, congrats on the win.

Funny Actors Who Have Served In The Military

Actors Who Have Served In The Military
Actors who have served in the Military Pictured are: Ice T, Chuck Norris and Mel Brooks. Believe it or not, Mel Brooks defused land mines in WW2.
Member reactions:
Quality work, and thanks for a piece of trivia. Didn't know Mr. Brooks is actually a WWII veteran.

Funny Goat in the Military Left Behind

Goat in the Military Left Behind
This was for another contest, but couldn't finish on time. Hope it qualifies as freak.
Member reactions:
Funky goat. I would have added some weapons to it too (a gun on the back or on the side) just to militarize it more

Funny Barack Obama's Isis Military Strategy

Barack Obama's Isis Military Strategy
Time For Strategy From Obama On How To Deal With ISIS Scourge
Member reactions:
Super amount of super work here, hidden. I would, however reduce perhaps the saturation and contrast of "the game" so it will blend in better with the background. Also, realize, if it's at an angle, then the shadow on the bottom would be extended downward on the podium. JMO.
Interesting chop, revealed his strategic plans to world this must be from Snowden
Great chop... all the factors were well considered in the gadget... well made good luck

Funny The Military and It's Secret Giant Cat

The Military and It's Secret Giant Cat
Photo of a giant cat trick super confidential files of Aeronautics, people want to know where they hid this hunk so cute.
Member reactions:
yes, some sort of cellular malfunction me thinks. Congrats on the cup
Looks like this cat is totally in charge of this military operation. Great stuff.
Nice Fat Cat Hirdrely. Front Row Congratulations.
Congratulations. Sent this to my female friend Cat owner.

Funny Military Traffic Signs

Military Traffic Signs
The situation in Ukraine keeps getting worse. Putin got the authorization from Russia's parliament to deploy Russian troops into Ukraine, to "protect its interest in Crimea and protect the Russian population there". While, formally, no Russian troops have been deployed in Crimea yet, Russia used its troops stationed at the Black Sea Fleet base to gain total control of the Crimean Peninsula. The local Ukrainian troops defected, joined Russian forces, and pledged to the Crimean authorities who demand independence of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. Russian military units are freely moving on the roads of Crimea with noone to stop them. Do they have to follow the traffic rules too? Photoshop traffic/road signs designed for military units (for infantry, navy, or air force). The signs can warn of the dangers ahead, show info, or show some restrictions and rules for military units to follow. You are welcome to show your signs at some scenery or just on their own. ( Image credit: L’Agence France-Presse )

Funny Gays in Military

Gays in Military
Training for the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that forbids gays from serving openly in the armed forces is going better than envisioned, commanders told Congress last Thursday. The repeal will take effect 60 days after President Obama, the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff certify that it won't end up being detrimental to military operations to reverse the ban. Therefore, as soon as this fall, gays may be permitted to serve openly in the armed forces. Since later this year gays will be allowed to serve openly in the military, and they won't have to hide "their colors", show how they may alter/decorate their uniform and weapons and use makeup to serve really "openly" from now on.

Funny Military Paintings

Military Paintings
Russian president Vladimir Putin announced the resumption of long-range nuclear bomber patrols which is part of the Kremlin's plan to restore Cold War military units and the Russia's world status of the major military power. The allocated budget for such military expansion is over $200 billion, and will include the doubling of aircraft production by 2025 with major increase in the number of nuclear missiles, aircraft carriers, and tanks. Russia's substantial resources of oil and gas sold to Europe, allowed massive cash injections into Russian military machine, which is getting stronger than ever. Take any military elements - weapons, uniforms, etc. - and add them to works of art - paintings, sketches, or statues. Examples may include drafted Mona Lisa in khaki uniform holding a machine gun, tanks fighting with dragons, nuclear blast destroying the ancient city of Pompeii, etc. We will accept military elements of any country from the 1980s till the present days.

Funny Military Equipment

Military Equipment
As old bases close where does all the military equipment go? Create images showing all the various places and uses for this excess military equipment.

Funny Corporate Military

Corporate Military
Imagine if famous companies landed some military contracts. What sort of changes to the military would we see and how would it impact soldiers? Show us how these changes might impact the military by using any corporate "sponsorship".

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