Miley In The Space Station
Miley In The Space Station
Miley In The Space Station. Member reactions:
Brilliant work. I would do some small changes: 1) Make her hair in long flowing lockets - this would add to zero gravity feeling 2) Change her round panties for the triangle ones - to cover her up more and make it completely "safe"
Congrats on the Bronze - Guess she got tired of pasties already (ha).
Congatz Doc. Paul. Fits Miley to a T. Send Miley to Mars and re-bury Nancy Pelosi and the world will be in balance again.

Funny miley's transformation

miley's transformation
Member reactions:
Sort of a where's waldo I'm still looking for Miley.
she's in there. face well blended, i take it.
Ohh..Okay, I found her now. She's the boob at the top.
In images like this one you get the details and you loose the whohe.
Thanks for the comments yet not surprised by some voters

Funny A Miley's book

A Miley's book

Funny Miley Donut Licker

Miley Donut Licker
Member reactions:
Thank you Wanderer, MsgtBob & jeremix Was kind of worried it might be too gross
Thank you geriatric Lol jeremix

Funny Warhol Miley Cyrus

Warhol Miley Cyrus
I don't usually go for realism, but I think Warhol might have actually done something like this if he lived now instead of then.
Member reactions:
Excellent Warhol-style portrait. And here the realism angle really adds to it. Honestly, I love this chop.

Funny Flippin' Miley Cyrus

Flippin' Miley Cyrus
Member reactions:
Thank you lucianomorelli & NewsMaster

Funny Miley Cat with Tongue

Miley Cat with Tongue
Member reactions:
Freaking illusion in the air that fancy smile takes my heart away
sandbox lickin' good. Sorry couldn't resist. Congrats
Thank you balodiya, sullishere, ericnorthend, lucianomorelli, NewsMaster, pcrdds, Disasterman111, LunaC, Gummy, Wanderer, MsgtBob, & Hitspinner Whew.
Congratulations 420. Great Work. Miley never looked so good. Can't wait to see this kitty on a wrecking ball.

Funny Miley Cat

Miley Cat
Member reactions:
Love it. This could be challenging, but if you'd try to make this cat stick her Miley tongue out that would be absolutely brilliant.
Thought about it. Actually tried it. I thought it took away from it. If I do it I'll just enter it as a separate entry if that's alright.
As long as the entries are different enough, it's OK to have another one.
Brilliant makeover, mascara eye and red lips is the best
Thank you NewsMaster, balodiya, sulliishere, ericnorthend, & lucianomorelli

Funny Miley Wrecking Ball

Miley Wrecking Ball
Larger is better
Member reactions:
I hardly noticed she had a bulb in place of her head. Another great touch could be adding som shadow to her tongue.
Congrads on the Gold cup,excellent always, a one eye.
Congrats on the gold, Hits.... Very Creative...
Thank you HH, Newsey, Paul, Luciano, Eric, Elegary.
Too Good Hitz. One Gem of an Idea. Is Miley ill. Looks like she has a nasty Coating on her Tongue. I believe they call that Topaz Tongue.
Where do you get your wonderful imagination from. Congrats on the win.
I shop at Wallmart, Hobbit Thanks Bob, Armatien and Splatshot. Yeah, she definitely has some thrush mouth going on and that Topaz amped it up
Congrats, I thought the hand through the bulb was particularly brilliant well deserved.
No need for a title, would have known that tongue anywhere Expert Chopping. Congratulations for the Gold Hits
grats on a topjob and a top position hits.
Excellent chopping Hitspinner. P.S. You really nailed the likeness.
Thsnk you Qtrmoonshop, Jere, Champ, Icy and Wanderer

Funny Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus
Member reactions:
She needs a clean shave for that youthful look.
So macho anyway. But short beard suits her, even with her youthful look.

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