Miley Cyrus Has A Nurse On Standby
Miley Cyrus Has A Nurse On Standby
Miley Cyrus Has A Nurse On Standby. Miley Cyrus now has a nurse on standby
Member reactions:
That "nurse" from the photo with Obama is classic. Miley has been consuming antibiotics in huge quantities for a while... wonder how any flu virus ever managed to live in her blood
Thanks everybody. She's some kind of case, Newsy.
Fantastic chop, London can keep her and congrats on the win.

Funny Miley & Miley Jr.

Miley & Miley Jr.

Funny Miley Rides the Earth

Miley Rides the Earth
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze, BF. Great to see you back.

Funny miley cyrus

miley cyrus
miley cyrus no nose

Funny Miley Cyrus Has A Bad Drug Reaction

Miley Cyrus Has A Bad Drug Reaction
Miley Cyrus has a bad reaction to a drug and is hospitalized

Funny Renoir's Miley of Cyrus

Renoir's Miley of Cyrus
You forced me to the quick and I have to play the cliche card. Thanks folks.
Member reactions:
Her chin may need more work. Overall, very clever and modern indeed.

Funny miley modern nun

miley modern nun
Member reactions:
Good job. and if she keeps smoking these teeth will be hers indeed
All emotions need to be fulfilled for this Nun

Funny Miley Cyrus New Year Resolution

Miley Cyrus New Year Resolution
Member reactions:
Good work in putting the hole in the tongue
I can't stop thinking how PAINFUL that looks, even though I've seen some monsters almost as big in real life...
Hahaha, that's surely one resolution that won't be easy to keep for her.
Home run hahaha, and you know these people we lambast are rich enough to have us greased in a nano second. Congrats on the Silver cup

Funny Working With His Wife, Miley

Working With His Wife, Miley
They surely seem like they deserve each other, don't they.
Member reactions:
Fantastic way to make them start a new business of Lemon juice center good work on their faces and smoking pipes well done all together
This one is easy on the eyes. It's so cheerful and uplifting. Your caricaturizations of them are so spot on too. Great job.
Yuck, they both have those cold sores (not herpes, I hope ) ...
Thanks, everyone. I had a lot of fun with this one. Actually, it IS Herpes, Newsy. .
Paul. Congrats on the silver.
Lots of good craftsmanship in this chop, Doc. Well thought out. Depending on what is in that pipe you might have illustrated the problem with these two perfectly Congrats on the silver cup
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Tim. Mix that stuff with booze and who knows what, and you get these two wonderful young adults.
Thanks, Mr. X. Thanks, PJ. Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid.

Funny Happy Christmas Miley !

Happy Christmas Miley !
Member reactions:
Now this pose is one of the most demanded in cristmas market
Santa is slapping that beast on her back nice outfit of the devil with a long tongue
the tongue.
This one need a special "Christmas Matcho" Award . Knowing a "female" made that chop is a little bit scary
Thank's a lot . Female can be "matcho" too and it's miley who gave me a nasty side on my mind .

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