Even the mighty can fall!
Even the mighty can fall!
Even the mighty can fall!. Member reactions:
Hilarious. Let's hope he don't do it to the country.
Everyone deserves a second chance, sometimes..

Funny The Mighty Thor as a Woman

The Mighty Thor as a Woman
Chris Hemsworth and Julia Roberts Body.

Funny Mighty Joe Gorilla with his Row Boat

Mighty Joe Gorilla with his Row Boat
I think Joe is upset that there is no water for his boat.
Member reactions:
I think this was the guy who took out my gallbladder out. Mean looking.
, Hobbit. Nope it wasn't this guy. Joe is a Dentist.
Yes he looks angry, and his tormentor is going to have to be very quick Love it.
Awesome chop... nice skills shown here.. Gorilla looks dull by seeing the tiny crow Like the dark theme
Thanks very much, UncleChamp. Thank you Rajeshstar. ... Gummy.
I was referring to the gorilla, the Dr. I had his face look like that.
Thanks Joan, Hobbit90, and Swashbuckle. I know Hobbit, I was just being silly.
Hobbit. I am on my A55, this is superb
Has soooo much charm hahahaahh I love it. Congrats on the cup
Thanks Doc.... It has a hint of funny to it...maybe some of your humor is rubbing off on me. Thanks, Gumster Thank you Hit-man. Sup DD. Thanks Very Much. Thank you very much, Bob.
Congrats SplatShot.. A marvelous chop, with personality plus..
I love your work SplatShot,another awesome entry.congrats on the bronze my friend😄
Thanks UncleC. The sky is upside down... Thank you very much, Andwhat.
Congrats, SplatShot. I hope the bird will not get hurt.
Congrats on the bronze, Splat. Done in the best traditions of Dark comedy, hahaha.
Thanks Hobbit, Wanderer, Newsy, and Lucido. I think the baby bird will be okay Andrew. I picture the gorilla as just a grumpy friend.

Funny Mighty Ruin on a Moonlit Night

Mighty Ruin on a Moonlit Night
Member reactions:
Terrific and great job done while creating this ruin well done

Funny Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse
RG, the Freaking janitor, gets his 15 minutes of "unregistered" fame.
Member reactions:
I couldn't help it. I saw the faces of other "famous locals." My narcissism overwhelmed me.
Me likey Mighty Mouse he's all over the Mickey variety
I'd give yerself more than 15 minutes if you keep chopping like that.

Funny Mighty Mouse Saves the Day

Mighty Mouse Saves the Day

Funny Mighty Mouse Flying out of TV

Mighty Mouse Flying out of TV

Funny Mighty Thor

Mighty Thor
Mighty Thor,(from carrying that hammer)

Funny How the mighty fall

How the mighty fall
Mashby got it in his first guess. Funny, I *started* to do a Mr. T one -View full-
Member reactions:
It's either Jesse Jackson or Mr. T, but I know who it is...

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