Two Minutes To Midnight
Two Minutes To Midnight
Two Minutes To Midnight. Member reactions:
Thanks iboudesign I lost count of how many layers it took.
Great storytelling from within the hourglass.
Thanks Steve and Raj and all who voted. Very much appreciated. 😎👍🏼
Cheers Wanderer 😎👍🏼 Thanks Bob 😊👍🏼
Thanks mrassad and Steve Happy choppin whilst we we still have the privilege 👍🏼
Thanks hobbit. Wanted to think outside the box, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Good luck
Congrats on the gold PS.This was a really magnificent chop.Creative and detailed
Thanks andwhat appreciate the recognition. Happy choppin 😊

Funny FN Midnight Cruises

FN Midnight Cruises

Funny Alien's Midnight Snack Run

Alien's Midnight Snack Run

Funny Amy Winehouse Ghost After Midnight in Graveyard

Amy Winehouse Ghost After Midnight in Graveyard
Member reactions:
Good use of Bats and Crow to create some scary feeling for the viewers like the lady in gown and well blurred to look like a real ghost
Pretty sure the ghost is Amy Winehouse. Great Halloween chops come early. People gonna think we went crazy over here

Funny Woman at Midnight Near a Bridge in the Mist

Woman at Midnight Near a Bridge in the Mist
Member reactions:
Beautiful work, "hidden" nice touch with the falling petals
Glad you like it QTR . Thank you Awesome Lucido I don't understand your language ) dar multumesc. And Mac thank you so much, appreciate your comments.
You know Hidden I like this type of chops because it creates a different mood. takes me to the different world I am too happy to see this one thank you
Glad you like in my world Rajeshstar, thank you too
Beautiful work fantastic scene of bridge with sweet lady
Congratulations. Careful not to slip on the rocks in your Fashionista high-heel booties.
Congrats, on the Wood.....Sunshin3. More wonderful work from you, my friend. Bravo.....
Congrats to you Sunshine sweet looking chop anyone we know.
Thank you Ericnorthend, Balodiya, Geriatric (she will not slip this time ), Pcr, Nepaguy glad you like it, Qtr...the girl. no, is from Dreamstrime I always choose beautiful girls and thanks too Chili

Funny Midnight Reader Painting

Midnight Reader Painting

Funny Midnight Knight

Midnight Knight
Ups, maybe was Midnight.
Member reactions:
Great work and nice shadow with your clock
I've been enjoying your work. Very nice effects.
Very clever. You keep amusing us with your chops, Mark. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Howling Dog at Midnight

Howling Dog at Midnight
When a dog howls, death is near...
Member reactions:
Great lighting. I like the way the bird is illuminated. Well done.
very nice fog effect.. Beware of Dogs howls..
good lighting effects of the skull and the howling dog
Spooky and impressive. Excellent light and fog effects. Would make a great chop for Halloween too. Congrats on the silver, Mark.
Silver Congrats Mark . . . really cool looking image, nicely done.

Funny Midnight Rider with a Tin Man

Midnight Rider with a Tin Man
I had to make it really large to keep the details (the light reflections and tiny rain drops bouncing off the tin mans shoulders and the rider etc, etc.) so PLEASE view in full Also please view my sources HERE Thank you.
Member reactions:
Thanks for posting the sources. Great work - full view (it really deserves it's name here...) is a must and shows all the details. Good luck.
Thanks for listing the sources. Full view is an eye candy.

Funny Alice In Wonderland After Midnight

Alice In Wonderland After Midnight

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