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Funny Midget Pictures

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“Aaah ... when two Neptunes appear in the sky it is a sure sign that a midget in glasses is being born, Harry...” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
This is awesome way of passing liquids from one glass to other. Good job done

Nicolas Sarkozy in a Midget CarFunny Nicolas Sarkozy in a Midget Car
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Excellent work in making this car so small, I love to see this car in Motion very well done
What a great merge and fantastic work here, Perfect color balance wonderful background with another car to compare and Awesome driver
Looks like a school baby. Excellent job done
Always on top, that's what she said, Congrads.
* Good work...Congrat'...go in my Fav...^v^

Obama in the Midget Man CaveFunny Obama in the Midget Man Cave
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You know what I love about Photoshop and Freaking News. You can turn the President of the United States of America into a rastafarian midget with his own mini-man-cave. It's a great--and perverted--world we live in.

Midget WrestlerFunny Midget Wrestler
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Mexican Midget Wrestlers Killed By Women Robbers

Sienna Miller MidgetFunny Sienna Miller Midget
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Will Smith MidgetFunny Will Smith Midget
Member reactions:

Definitely one of the best in the contest. Congratulations on the silver, Craving.
Cleverly done, the legs look real and in proprtion. Not an easy thing to do.
my big congrats to you craving. wonderful work,
Congratulations on the silver and the other 26 places you took, you are the champion, but how did you do this, how many employee's do you have or are you teaching a class. it's called jealousy.

Canine Midget TossingFunny Canine Midget Tossing
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It's Iceland's newest animal sport.

Midget Wrestling PoloFunny Midget Wrestling Polo
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A sport to appeal to ALL classes of people. The midgets replace the divits during the breaks in the match.

Tara Heid MidgetFunny Tara Heid Midget
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Angelina Jolie MidgetFunny Angelina Jolie Midget
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