Apple iCook Microwave
Apple iCook Microwave
Apple iCook Microwave. The new iCook comes with apps of complete meals, snacks,1 breakfast option,1 mystery meat and one Mystery dinner. Other food apps available at competitive prices. Imagine hot meals in seconds with the push of a button. The new iCook meal oven only from Apple.

Funny Hannibal Lecter Easy Bake Toy Microwave

Hannibal Lecter Easy Bake Toy Microwave
This easy bake oven didn't go over too well with parents.

Funny CocaCola MicroWave

CocaCola MicroWave
Member reactions:
I likes this a lot. I may have taken the label of the glass door and turned or turned down the sats to make it look more like it was on the inside back wall. but hey still works well. good job

Funny God Putting the World in a Microwave

God Putting the World in a Microwave
The Almighty is just having some fun..Story
Member reactions:
a very good idea. but if that's our mother earth, what is that clouds doing thier....maybe you just put the planet only and try to show that its inside the microwave.( my own OP only).
nice idea but clouds shouldn't be there...
Is global warming the reason everyone is reporting record lows ... and to think in the 70's we were entering a NEW Ice-age

Funny iPhone in a Microwave

iPhone in a Microwave
Member reactions: only comment is the apple logo is too big.

Funny Baby in a Microwave Baby Bath

Baby in a Microwave Baby Bath
Mom, I think you forgot someone....
Member reactions:
Yeah. This is hilarious. Have you heard about the woman who microwaved her baby. Now, they will probably boil 'em. More's the pity.
It is a good chop, but I agree with blearyeye, it perhaps wasn't the best timing after the woman was convicted in her child's death.

Funny Microwave laptop

Microwave laptop
Microwavlaptop, all we need now is the brewskies
Member reactions:
Gosh...You must have been hungry when you thought of this All food lover's in this world have hope. Hot food at your does that copy sound.
For those who don't have enough puter time - cut out the food preparation.. , very well done.

Funny iMac Microwave

iMac Microwave
Now THIS might sell.
Member reactions:
Cute, but it just looks like a typical spam ad.
Yes Folks. Now you too can eat dinner AND drink Beer AND surf the web all at once.
HaHaHa... Very funny... THIS might even inspire ME to buy a Mac..
Apple finally understands that men think with their stomachs.
I'll have a Lite chicken please...hold the head.uhhh I mean FOAM..
This one's great. nice idea and great execution
Want to see a couple hot drunken ... chicks.
No you still need to figure out that texas instruments calculater , better stick to your PC

Funny Wooden Pear in the Microwave Oven

Wooden Pear in the Microwave Oven

Funny Baby in TV Microwave

Baby in TV Microwave

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