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Funny Microsoft Pictures

Now I'll tell you truth who is Bill and what is MicrosoftFunny Now I'll tell you truth who is Bill and what is Microsoft
Member reactions:

Thank you, Luciano, Elegary, Balodiya, NewsMaster.
Like the Bill, seems to be more happy than Balmer Satya looks motivated well done
Especially Ballmer head fits with his personality

Microsoft Spread: Brown Spread of DeathFunny Microsoft Spread: Brown Spread of Death
Member reactions:

BSOD EULA: The End User is responsible for this product's affect upon the User's End.

Member reactions:

Actually, it looks stylish. Not a bad concept so, package it up and send it to 'Uncle Billy' (Bill Gates).
Is this a real one.... the windows and office combination is really great
Love this idea, so creative and full of marketing

Microsoft Etch-A-Sketch Error MessageFunny Microsoft Etch-A-Sketch Error Message
Member reactions:

You are not the only one who forgot that an etch a sketch always starts it's lines on a side, never in the middle. But I really like your entry, good job.
Thanks newsy mate. still putting in 11 and 12 hour shifts at skytv so trying to chop when I can, I get jittery if I dont chop for a few days

Microsoft Apple MergerFunny Microsoft Apple Merger
Member reactions:

"Unbelievable sacrilege to any self respecting Mac user." .
You couldn't pay me to use anything that ran off Microsoft software.
"THNX for the accolade guys, may the pixels be kind to you."

Microsoft-Apple Operating SystemFunny Microsoft-Apple Operating System
Member reactions:

There seems to be a green line (masking issue) under the box
also at the top and top left. a shame, other than that it's a nice chop
Was in a hurry this morning. Thank you and I corrected it.
Judging by the background, iDow causes major Dow (Jones) crash too. Excellent chop
Nice, I liked this one more than your 1st place winner.
Silver Apple for Rain too - double congrats.

Microsoft Display Error Shower CurtainFunny Microsoft Display Error Shower Curtain
Member reactions:

these 2 words crossed paths in my mind somewhere few days back and i just had to make this otherwise i wasnt geting any peace u like .
Hehe, it is a goodie. Man, stop and think about where you could go with this theme if it weren't a PG site hahahahaahaha
Thankss NewsMaster medo1oOoOoO9 Kellie andwhat macwithfries oopsee news1st Hitspinner REally appreciate the comments =) I'd take so many positive comments over a prize anyday ..
The bathroom with 'two windows'. Love it.

Avatar Microsoft Blue ScreenFunny Avatar Microsoft Blue Screen
Member reactions:

Microsoft Windows PaintingFunny Microsoft Windows Painting
Member reactions:

Was going to do blue screen of death

Microsoft Windows 7 Skeet ShootFunny Microsoft Windows 7 Skeet Shoot
Member reactions:

Happy Windows 7 Launch Day

Microsoft + Yahoo?Funny Microsoft + Yahoo? - Surprising news this Friday - Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion. The Microsoft's takeover of Yahoo is meant to put massive financial injections into the development of Yahoo search engine and advertising solutions, in order to shake Google's dominance in Google in search engine niche and advertising markets. Yahoo Inc. shares went up massive 60 percent while Google Inc. shares suffered a free-fall of 8 percent. Photoshop anything showing how the world would change if Microsoft and Yahoo merge. E.g. - how will their logos, products and services change?

Microsoft Windows SecurityFunny Microsoft Windows Security - Microsoft says that for most users the Windows security update will result in a series of "new prompts" and errors. Photoshop these "new prompts" or show what changes we might see in the Windows Desktop environment.

Microsoft CarsFunny Microsoft Cars - Show the new look of any car which will use Microsoft software, or the new problems this auto will experience.

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