Mickey Rooney RIP
Mickey Rooney RIP
Mickey Rooney RIP.

Funny tribute to mickey rooney

tribute to mickey rooney
Member reactions:
New house of Mickey Rooney that is heaven house,Excellent work
Splendid job done here wonderful tribute and great chopping he looks a bit like Bud Collins
Quality tribute, but I would dress him in white not black to show more of an angel in Mickey
Congrats Elegary I agree with Newsie about the white suit versus black but nonetheless, it's a great chop.

Funny Colorize Mickey Rooney 1

Colorize Mickey Rooney 1
Member reactions:
Could use some red highlights, otherwise, w00t.

Funny Colorize Mickey Rooney 2

Colorize Mickey Rooney 2
Member reactions:
Decent colorization work. Pity the source photo came in low resolution.
The themeposts we publish are basically mid-sized thumbnails. If you want to use the larger version it's better to use the Google's "search by image function" on the themepost
I did that but I couldn't find one larger than 500ish

Funny Colorize Mickey Rooney 3

Colorize Mickey Rooney 3
B&W Source

Funny Mickey Rourke Sloth

Mickey Rourke Sloth


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Funny Mickey Mantle Caricature

Mickey Mantle Caricature
VIEW IN FULL....let me know how I did.
Member reactions:
Your 1st Caricature is darn good . Thumbs up ....
Thanks, Chili I appreicate the thumbs up.
Keep going and you might join the master class of the Pike.
Did a great job in your 1st caricature nice you turn the image like a cartoon character
Thanks, to one and all of you Mad Choppers.

Funny Mickey Rourke the Rugby Player

Mickey Rourke the Rugby Player
Mickey Rourke Had Plastic Surgery Just So He Could Play A Rugby Player
Member reactions:
Very nicely done hidden . . . though, they generally don't wear helmets or pads in Rugby ...
Gay professional playing rugby very funny news... Nice thought
And how would you know that, Raj. Who knows these days Nice work hidden

Funny Magritte Mickey Mouse

Magritte Mickey Mouse
"Now that's what I call taking the 'Mickey' out of Magritte." .

Funny Remembering Mickey Rooney

Remembering Mickey Rooney
Legendary actor who entertained audiences for more than 80 years, Mickey Rooney died on Sunday. He was 93. Mickey started acting at the age of 6 and became a box-office powerhouse in the 30s and 40s. Through his long life he had 8 wives and 9 children, and received multiple awards, including two Academy Awards. Rooney also got into Guinness World Records as an actor with the longest career on stage and screen. Sadly, America lost Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney both within a few months. It really is the end of an era. R.I.P. Mickey, you will be missed. To pay tributes to Mickey Rooney, photoshop him any way you wish. Themepost credit: The Boston Globe

Funny Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse
Help Disney design a modern version of Mickey or other Disney characters.

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