Hairy Michelle Obama
Hairy Michelle Obama
Hairy Michelle Obama. Member reactions:
Holi Crapp, that Single Eye bro is killing me
Thanks, balodiya, luciano and eric. Yes, luciano...very religious...Hasidic.

Funny No danger, it's just Michelle's handbag

No danger, it's just Michelle's handbag

Funny Nice decollete Michelle !

Nice decollete Michelle !
Member reactions:
Michelle looks cute.... than the queen good composition

Funny Fish Face Michelle

Fish Face Michelle

Funny Michelle and Oprah

Michelle and Oprah
Member reactions:
Big mouths in women are a distruction weapon.

Funny Michelle And Whoopi Undergo The Change

Michelle And Whoopi Undergo The Change
Member reactions:
Great Job but a little to heavy on the sweat.
Thanks, Swashbuckle, G-Man, Nanny, luciano and Newsy.
Actually I thought it needed to have the covered sweat added back in, Mainly on whoopee. But other than that is has real pro written over it

Funny Michelle Is The Man

Michelle Is The Man
Member reactions:
The love child of Michelle and Al Sharpton. Scary.
Just proves that Sharpton genes would show up mixed with any other DNA, hahaha.
Clean as a whistle. Congrats on the bronze, Doc

Funny Kim Jong un And Michelle Obama

Kim Jong un And Michelle Obama
Kim Jong-un states " I love Michelle being fat".
Member reactions:
There goes Michelle's "Let's Move Campaign"... awesome stuff, Hidden.
at Newsey. You have blended this one super well... This guy has a head full of crack-head hamsters Good to see you win a cup for this, Well done

Funny Michelle's 2016 Meltdown

Michelle's 2016 Meltdown
Member reactions:
You know your going to get an I.R.S. audit for doing this don't you.
Big effort here for big Michelle. One of my favorites in the contest
This is what happens if you don't follow what you say.
Soooooo bloody funny... I practically spit out my watermelon when I saw this. That fry between her girls is a firkin riot . Well done on the fattening and thanks for the laugh
Thanks for your comment and your welcome for the laugh.

Funny Michelle for admiral

Michelle for admiral
Navy has its first female four-star admiral

Funny Tug of War - Jimmy Fallon vs Michelle Obama

Tug of War - Jimmy Fallon vs Michelle Obama
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this tug of war image any way you wish (image credit Chuck Kennedy / US Government work). Some examples are - making Jimmy Fallon or Michelle Obama perform some stunts, designing a poster with any of the characters in the image, using this tug of war image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer
American actress Michelle Pfeiffer celebrated 50th birthday yesterday. Pfeiffer became internationally famous after her role in Brian De Palma's gangster classic Scarface. Her Hollywood stardom continued with roles in The Fabulous Baker Boys, One Fine Day, Dangerous Minds, Batman Returns, I Am Sam, What Lies Beneath, Stardust, Hairspray, and Grease 2. My personal favorite of Pfeiffer's performances was her role in "Dangerous Liaisons" for which she received BAFTA Award and was nominated for the Academy Awards. Happy 50th birthday, Michelle! To mark the 50th birthday of Michelle Pfeiffer, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples include: showing what other movies Pfeiffer could have starred in, her alternative careers, Pfeiffer in famous paintings, how she will look in her older years, etc.

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