Ferrari Advert by Michelangelo
Ferrari Advert by Michelangelo
Ferrari Advert by Michelangelo. Member reactions:
if things like this are third i will never get a vote star...
Thank you Mr. Paul your comments are always very much appreciated
Let me just say Armatien, that no one was more surprised than I was to win a cup with this entry. Being my first cup, I was thrilled until I read your comment. For you degrade it with your negative, boorish comment was not only inconsiderate and rude but also violates the rules. We both joined in 2012 with me signing up one day after you, and like you I never won anything until today. And I didn’t appreciate your inconsiderate comment. You need to quit acting like a big baby every time “things” don’t turn out like you want them to.
Thank you very much Lucido and Penaplonk.
Congrats Unc---and I agree with your comments regarding the rudeness of one particular member. Sour grapes evidently. Chop on, brutha
Thanks for your congrats and encouragement LunaC.
I prefer acting like a baby than voting like a baby like much people with Karma do, passing the fact that its easy to cheat (and i'm not saying that for you)... I always make my comments at end of voting to not influence. My comment was not against you but against the voting system . Your chop is just an idea or a joke, is it a photoshop contest site or an idea contest site ... tell us how much time you passed on that . i will be happy congratulate you next time when you make a cool one but this one i don't like sorry
I suppose this is like a car driven by Steve Jobs - increases in value. Congrats on the bronze, Champ.

Funny Michelangelo's Statue of David as a Green Bay Football Fan

Michelangelo's Statue of David as a Green Bay Football Fan
Member reactions:
Nice colorful mix of job done good one it's look nice
Out of the box, fantastic coloring and cool look I like it
Fun-freaking-tastic chop. Total David remake. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny Michelangelo Contact Lenses Advert

Michelangelo Contact Lenses Advert
David models contact choices for you to choose from.
Member reactions:
Great idea of putting the different shades of eyes with contact lenses well done

Funny Michelangelo Photoshopping For a Photoshop Contest

Michelangelo Photoshopping For a Photoshop Contest
Member reactions:
Omg.Lolzzz,hidden,you are so naughty.Hysterically funny and awesome.I look like a freak and i love it Dora would be so proud
If Machelangelo would participated then all the Gold would reserved for him Great idea of chopping the whole image with lot of source pic seen and contest images used good one
Pic of the day for me Excellent job done here
master chop ultra work
, should have done better... love the colors
Hells Bells Ho.Should have placed higher.Excellent work

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger in Michelangelo Painting

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Michelangelo Painting
Member reactions:
.. Arnold face texture and the skin texture is almost matched, good execution and nice blending of hand over the face like it
Texture is very nice Like it good opening of the contest
Terrific match & texture on the face .... very well done .
Nicely done. Love the facial expression. Great matching of the textures and brush strokes.
Really good texture work... great job. Congrats..
Congrats on the Silver PixJockey ..
Fantastic blend - looks authentic. Arnie is a natural fit here. Congrats on the silver, Pix.

Funny Paris Hilton and Michelangelo in Apple Ad

Paris Hilton and Michelangelo in Apple Ad
Member reactions:
I can think different, good artistic work inside the Computer, well placed graphic with good work on shadows
Likewise the title the work is also different Well done hidden

Funny The birth of Chicken Creation Michelangelo Painting

The birth of Chicken Creation Michelangelo Painting
This explains all ... the chicken was first..
Member reactions:
But if a rooster laid an egg on the barn roof, what side of the barn would it roll down. Great Job.
Funny chicks looks so innocent, artistic mix is looking good, i like it
Very creative. Should have scored higher in my opinion.

Funny Michelangelo Valium Advert

Michelangelo Valium Advert
Member reactions:
Nice placement of the Capsule box over the fingers, and good work on the girl with a sweet
Awesome and Fantastic Its a flawless work done here
This is one of the better entries. I thought it should have scored higher. Nice work..

Funny Michelangelo Nahshon's Motorola Ad

Michelangelo Nahshon's Motorola Ad
Whatever did they do before Cell Phones.
Member reactions:
Nice to see Droid
Great placement, both the brands were perfectly matched to the texture of the original
Me loves it, but Motorola logo could use better blending

Funny Beach Fun in Michelangelo Painting

Beach Fun in Michelangelo Painting

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