Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson. A nose-less Michael Jackson may be redundant but here it is...

Funny Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan

Funny GREEN MILE Michael Clarke Duncan memory

GREEN MILE Michael Clarke Duncan memory
in memory of Michael Clarke Duncan, a "GREAT" actor... a real giant. Member reactions:
hi Paul my friend, thaaaaank you very very very much
hi Paul my friend, thaaaaank you very very very much
wonderful caricature . Muscles in evidence .
It's bloody awesome. And anyone who saw and loved the Green Mile will confirm it.
ERICNORTHEND thaaaaank you for the consideration of my job
Vlady yesss... a wonderful usa movie, great actors and a great movie
Very well done belated tribute. Mas fantastico...... Congrats on the gold mate
Your work is always fantastic, congrats on the win and that really was a darn good movie. Love it.
Hitspinner Paul evirio vlad hobbit from my heart an special thaaaaank for you guys
Mhmmm.... sì, non male: più Topaz per tutti... Comunque Michael avresti dovuto farlo MOLTO più grosso e soprattutto MOLTO più alto. In ogni caso (tanto per cambiare) era il miglior lavoro di questo contest, quindi vittoria meritatissima. CONGRATS on GOLD, my friend
Mhmmmmmm... si non male come incoraggiamento.... se lo facevo molto piu' alto poi usciva dall'alto e non si vedeva la testa.... hehehehe grazie cmq ( sto rivalutando il topaz... non mi piaceva molto, ma in piccole dosi non è malaccio ) ciayyyyyy Robboly
Naaa.... ci stava, ci stava: sai che non parlo a vanvera. Così avrebbe fatto MOLTO più effetto. In ogni caso un OTTIMO lavoro (Che altro incoraggiamento vorresti. Ogni volta vinci sempre...)
Non ho capito che c'entra il sigaro sul cappello; in compenso il topolino è una bellezza
--> --> --> -->my friend ricky...really amazing smooth and fantastic blending --> -->what an amazing chop really deserves the gold...congrats and keep going.

Funny Heal Fast Michael

Heal Fast Michael
Best wishes Michael, the whole world is praying for you.. Member reactions:
Good chop.. in showing the brusies and the bumps on his face especially the head bump with a crack well composed
There is a guardian angel to protect him .
Broken bones and cut on face.. Heal Schumacher, real bad face. Get well soon
Yes there is. Thank you for noticing and commenting. And thank you Rajesh
Thanks Pat, Bob, Armatien, Doc, NM, Eric, Rajesh and
This is a great caricature... and it's funny.. Congrats on Silver Hits.
Hey Hits... This chop was the favorite for me... but i did not remember that I have given 6 to it... There is no way for me to re-verify
Rajesh. No worries. You did not give it a six, I know. It's not important anyway, I was just surprised to see I got one,,, actually two. Sometimes chops just don't appeal. I have a feeling it was a mistake. If you don't look close and see the guardian angle in ice, one might think the chop is in poor taste. Do-Do happens Besides, I don't mind giving one up if I am soundly beat, GarRobMil was long overdue and entered a great one. Cheers

Funny Tribute to Michael Jacson

Tribute to Michael Jacson

Funny Michael Caine by Claude Monet

Michael Caine by Claude Monet
. Member reactions:
Hallelujah...Thanx, mates
. This is amazing. Congrats on the gold, PixelJockey..
Congratulations on the Gold Trophy, Pix. Extraoroinary job of Moneting, Michael Caine.

Funny Michael's interview in dancing class by Edgar Degas

Michael's interview in dancing class by Edgar Degas
. Member reactions:
A great legend of our century is inspiring the Old

Funny Michael Caine is NOT Sulu

Michael Caine is NOT Sulu

Funny Michael C. Hall and Son

Michael C. Hall and Son

Funny Michael Douglas To Play Liberace

Michael Douglas To Play Liberace
Michael Douglas to play LiberaceFYI: Liberace was once one of the biggest stars to ever entertain in Las Vegas. He also had his own television show for many years. He was known for being both extravagant and gaudy.SourceEverything else in the background was added.. Member reactions:
That is just too freaking funny
Good work on the sources and good chop of putting Michalel douglas to play for liberace
Great job … Looks great and scary as New Jersey all at once
Congrats pcdds, winning the bronze cup, a fantastic job you did. And I’m old enough to remember the talented Liberace very well..
Thanks, everyone. Yes, UncleChamp...I used to watch his tv show. Quite the showman, he was.
Congrats pcrdds. Almost didn't see us down here on the front page. ; )
Congratulations. This pic of Douglas is disturbing. Yikes.
Thanks, Bmore. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, G-Man.
Bronze Congrats, Paul ... One of my favorites of yours.

Funny Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher
F1 legendary racer Michael Schumacher is in the induced coma after a terrible skiing accident in the resort of Meribel. Schumacher's friends and fans gathered around the hospital in Grenoble on his 45's birthday past Sunday and projected the message on the hospital wall "Schumi, stay strong, keep fighting". As Michael's condition remains critical, we are running this contest in his support. To wish Michael Schumacher a fast recovery, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Michael Caine

Michael Caine
On March 14 Academy award winner Michael Caine celebrates his 80th birthday. Having starred in over 100 movies, Caine is one of England's most famous actors and one of the very few actors in history to have won all of the following awards: Academy Award (twice), Golden Globe (thrice), BAFTA Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award. Many British viewers remember Caine for his roles as agent "Harry Palmer" (movies "Billion Dollar Brain", "Funeral in Berlin", etc.). Harry Palmer was created as a middle-class analogy of James Bond - a simple guy who went from zero to hero. To celebrate the 80th birthday of Michael Caine, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny George Michael in Jail

George Michael in Jail
George Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in jail and lost his license for five years Tuesday for driving under the influence of drugs when he crashed his car into a London photo shop. A British judge told the wayward star his addiction to marijuana put him and the public at risk. The former Wham! singer pleaded guilty last month to driving under the influence and possession of cannabis following a July 4 collision between his Range Rover and a Snappy Snaps store in north London. District Judge John Perkins told the singer he had taken a “dangerous and unpredictable mix” of prescription drugs and marijuana. Photoshop anything related to George Michael getting sentenced and serving time in jail. Some examples are: George Michael mugshots, photo (and other) evidence used in court, jail strip search, what George Michael will do in jail, how he'll decorate his prison cell, some songs George Michael should remake once he gets out, etc.

Funny Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas
This Friday at their joint birthday, Catherine Zeta-Jones turned 40 and Michael Douglas became a senior citizen at 65. As the couple were leaving their apartment block for the birthday celebration, they gave short remarks to the paparazzi. Michael said, "I feel great at 65." Catherine added, "I feel much younger than I am. When you are 10 or 20, 40 looks really old. When I was nearing 30 that seemed like a major milestone." The star couple married on November 18, 2000. They have 2 children. To mark the birthday of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, photoshop them any way you wish (together or separately).

Funny Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
This Saturday, August 29, the "King of Pop" - Michael Jackson will celebrate his 50th birthday. Jackson entered show business at the age of 5 and became a star when most kids of his age could not even tie their shoelaces. He's been in show business for 45 years by now, and became one of the biggest stars in music history. Sadly, Jacko's scandals and lawsuits made more buzz in the last years than his music genius. At the age of 50, he's becoming pretty quiet, hardly releasing anything new. His Neverland Ranch was sold for debts in May this year. For Jackson's 50th birthday, Sony is releasing the double compilation album called "King of Pop", made of his old hits. It's too early to retire, Michael, look at the "Stones" or Madonna - you can still "thrill" the world! To celebrate Jacko's 50th birthday, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show Michael in movies and paintings, photoshop magazine covers with Jacko's new scandals, show how his face may look like after more plastic surgeries, merge Jackson with other celebrities, show what alternative professions he could have chosen, how he'll look in his older years, etc. Here's a good example.

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