Michael Jackson the Pug
Michael Jackson the Pug
Michael Jackson the Pug. pug mouth on the king of Pop

Funny Happy 70th Birthday Michael Douglaas

Happy 70th Birthday Michael Douglaas
Black Rain, Nile Jewel, Wallstreet
Member reactions:
Thank you
Rock solid look of Michael... great look given to him with pigeon on his head
He got swag. Judging by his cake, the birthday will be a blast. Good one
Thank you Doc, NM, rajesh, Luciano, eric and balodiya
Superb caricature work on Douglas, and the goodies. Congrats on the Gold.
good gold, hits. lots of smart references put together masterfully. congrats.
TY It really is all in the details, huh.

Funny Michael Douglas Avatar Chieftain

Michael Douglas Avatar Chieftain
Member reactions:
This will be his strangest role transformation ever. Excellent chop, Hidden.
Fantastic... creative and expressive eyes

Funny Michael Douglas the Street Walker

Michael Douglas the Street Walker
Member reactions:
Could easily pass for the movie poster... A+++

Funny Michael Douglas as Dracula

Michael Douglas as Dracula
Member reactions:
Everybody has the dark side... great look given to this chop by including Zombies
Michael is getting ready for Halloween I see

Funny Michael Douglas The Farmer

Michael Douglas The Farmer
Member reactions:
Doesn't need to be netter than this. , good looking chop. Actually really, really, really good looking

Funny Michael Douglas' Birthday Celebration with Katherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas' Birthday Celebration with Katherine Zeta-Jones
Member reactions:
Hahahaha that's funny, making him so short. Ice cream rather than cake sounds like a way better deal. Congrats on the cup, Doc. Well worked chop
Super Clean,Congratulations on the Wood..
very funn y making him tom cruise size. congrats.

Funny Spartacus and His Son Michael Douglas

Spartacus and His Son Michael Douglas
Member reactions:
Beware of including too much unnecessary "stuff," hidden.
Tecnically quite perfect but looks like a bazar with so many objects.
Excellent chop, but perhaps a bit too busy with many elements
You didn't forget anything, did ya Hahahaha The chop overflows with goodies. Top 5 congrats W
Thank you everybody. Agree, but I did not have time to edit. I Will try to do better next contest.
Awesome caricature images of father and son..

Funny Rusty Michael Douglas

Rusty Michael Douglas
Member reactions:
Yikes. Great textures. Kareeeepy chop Congrats on the Bronze
Incredibly powerful chop,DD. Great match with the industrial valve, he's got that bronze color, so Congrats on the Bronze.

Funny Michael Douglas the Zombie

Michael Douglas the Zombie
Member reactions:
Great work seen... zombie looks perfectly suits him
Impressively spooky. Looks Douglas' best horror role
Whooooaaaahhh. eeeeeeegads. Man, never want to confront anything like this. Nice

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