Prince Harry - policeman in Mexico
Prince Harry - policeman in Mexico
Prince Harry - policeman in Mexico. Member reactions:
Harry loves Mexican food.

Funny Pope Visits Mexico

Pope Visits Mexico
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver Elegary

Funny Cheech and Chong Smuggling in Weed From Mexico

Cheech and Chong Smuggling in Weed From Mexico

Funny Mexico's Supreme Court Smoking Weed

Mexico's Supreme Court Smoking Weed
News Story
Member reactions:
And the tourism from the states would go through the roof.
They should totally do it Congrats on top 5.

Funny Nuclear Material Theft In Mexico

Nuclear Material Theft In Mexico
Stolen Nuke Material
Member reactions:
I think so too, if they are raised correctly and with compassion.
I thought this was an easy first place. Surprised, it's absolutely fabulous.
totally liking this one, hits. the lighting and colors. the freaky theme, the sharpness. could have been the winner easily. just don't watch too much alex jones, okay.
Thanks Icy. Huh, I never heard of Alex Jones before this post. Had to look him up just now. . Looks entertaining enough but one of those shows I'd loose interest in pretty quickly due to lack of Marvel Super Heroes. So worry not Thanks for the comment

Funny Mexico and Ireland Joined Together

Mexico and Ireland Joined Together
Mexico and Ireland
Member reactions:
take 2
No you're tops : Well it all seems to be running well and back to normal now. Yay.
Nice Feather Touch. Very Well executed, Best of luck.
Thank you Newsey, Doc, Luciano, evirio, balodiya. The three center bulls eyes on the neon dartboard total 150 points. Since this is my 150th gold cup I chopped that is as hopeful symbology. Boy I sure would have felt dumb if you guys had not voted this #1, thus my reason for shutting up about it until now. Thanks all, I salute you with my diet pepsi. ... OOO
Congrats, Hitspinner. Excellent quality work.
Congrats on the Gold, this is so darn good.

Funny Mexico's Anhellina Holie

Mexico's Anhellina Holie
Member reactions:
She does look Mexican. Who's the guy in her hand, Brad Pitt.

Funny Aliens Family Reunion in Mexico

Aliens Family Reunion in Mexico
Member reactions:
The question is why are they so desperate .
Col play on words, here, picasso. One of your best chops yet.
thank you newsmaster but yet again low numbers oh well it is.. what it is.. not stopping me from getting better

Funny E.T. Lands in Mexico

E.T. Lands in Mexico
Member reactions:
This is freaking brilliant. Professional chop.
Pure brilliance from Paulster. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Cheap Dentist in Mexico

Cheap Dentist in Mexico
Americans are flocking to Mexico for cheap dental work
Member reactions:
HA. Thanks for reminding me of my appointment Monday at the House-of-Pain.
Excellent chop. And great story which must be told. The latest estimate for Joan's root canal and cap. $2800. Estimated time, 3 hours. Poor girl, she has to work 7 weeks to make enough to pay for that. Now let us compare brain surgery Sue happy lawyers....
That toolkit in CowBoys belt is freaking brilliant
Looks like they took the price list from Taco Bell and just changed the "products" That el doctoro looks shady to me. I think I saw him somewhere
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy...el doctoro is very shady.

Funny Gulf of Mexico Cleanup

Gulf of Mexico Cleanup
Photoshop this Gulf of Mexico cleanup image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: showing how the trio can clean the gulf, putting more people and workers on the job, putting Obama and his gulf cleanup team into some new environment, using this gulf cleanup image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Image credit: Pete Souza / United States Government Work.

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