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Funny Mexican Pictures

Mexican euro coinFunny Mexican euro coin
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Trojan Man Mexican FoodFunny Trojan Man Mexican Food
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I swear on my grandmother's grave that the cocada pudding was there when I found it. (Fixed from original. I don't know if it's good now, but it's good enough for a cocada joke)
Thanks. I gotta fix this up a bit, though. I was in a massive rush after I made it and didn't have time to fix the issues with the missed shadowing and beveling on the lettering. Once that's done, I also think it's a classic (it won't do well, score-wise, but it will make people laugh, and that's really my only goal, so I win every time)
Ya, I know the score feeling. But this is a great idea. Very clever and WTF is Cocada pudding. Eww.
I have no idea whatsoever what it actually is (though my guess would be some sort of coconut/milk desert...the latins are crazy for this combo for some reason), but from this day forward, for me, it's Spanish for Vanilla Fudge.
Hahaha. Vanilla Fudge w/ the Trojan Man over it takes on new connotations. Double eww.
Not really...that's always what Vanilla Fudge meant.
You have worked hard on this since you posted it.
It wasn't hard...I switched the font, added a bevel and a drop shadow and made a quick, custom gradient. It was all of about 15 minutes of work. The program does most of it for you. lucky with the cocada pudding. I was originally going to do a Hungry Man Breakfast ('cause ya know...sausage and all) but then I saw this and the breakfast idea went out the window.
Good Job, the pudding and the title is wonderful to include in this stuff, good one to see "strong enough for a man" wanna to know Made for whom .
Thanks, but I missed the shadow under the red portion and the yellow/orange in the name isn't quite, that drop shadow is too large. It's OK, though...I was certainly done with it despite the mistakes.
Hmm cocada pudding, I must look up the recipe.
shake well before serving, in case those insrtuctions are omitted.

Mexican Drug TunnelFunny Mexican Drug Tunnel
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Drug Smugglers Tunnel Into Arizona Parking Spaces
The picture needs more shadows (gun, bags, drugs). Even so is a good job done.

George Bush and Sarah Palin in Mexican Irish PubFunny George Bush and Sarah Palin in Mexican Irish Pub
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Pub background from Deviant Art Nasg85 Sources
This is funny and well done. Extra point for humor...
El Gringo goes Irish. Hilarious work. Live the Irish doggie, .

Barack Obama on The Mexican BorderFunny Barack Obama on The Mexican Border
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Governors Criticize Obama's Border Security Plan Sources used
Congrats on the silver Rainman, Great job.
Fun Horse Race Rain, your work is excellent, as always, nice dental work, congrats.
Thanks all Best Week in Pics contest in recent memory.
the teacher has done ANOTHER fantastic work .. are you machine . don't you ever sleep . great chop teacher and Congrats on the silver
Tip from AZinvestorman - invest in SILVER. Congrats, mate.

Barack Obama on Mexican Zero DollarFunny Barack Obama on Mexican Zero Dollar
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Where is Mexico's prosperity.
Lots of fine little details in this chop. I love it...
$$RainMoney $$. This was another of my favorites.

Lou Dobbs Mexican VacationFunny Lou Dobbs Mexican Vacation
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Go some spare change, Amigo. Lou: No, but I've got a change of heart. Cool idea and blending.
I like these intense colors. Congrats on the wood.

German Mexican Combo HolidayFunny German Mexican Combo Holiday
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Mexican Pig in ClothesFunny Mexican Pig in Clothes
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yup them and china, great chop get the message thru
Maaan, look at the sheep and crow in the top windows, and "sorry we are closed" sign. Work of art.
Good eye Premie. I used his face for parts, see here.
Pree, face expression is indeed Tump's. Trump always looks like a piggy who did not get enough (money)
That little piggy always went to the bank. Awesome work.
Man, top 3 places for Rain-maker. Triple congrats, mate.
top 3.... terrific work....... congreatulations rain
Tifecta fever. Great entries all, I like the wall on this one and the great detail on the other two. Congrats on yet another clean sweep. You are definately sharpening everyones skills with your work and raising the bar ever higher.
Another Trophy "Roadblock" by AZRM. Two of those showing on the homepage at the same time. Pretty impressive, Rain. WTG
clean sweap. awesome dude . well done
Thanks all for the votes and comments Aging and fading the signs into the wall was probably the most rewarding fx to do in this pic.

Mexican HenFunny Mexican Hen
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Mexican WolfFunny Mexican Wolf - Photoshop the photo of this Mexican wolf any way you wish. Some examples are: merge the wolf with other animals, use this Mexican wolf image in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Jim Clark for providing the source photo.

US-Mexican BorderFunny US-Mexican Border - Show events on the US-Mexican border - guarding, smuggling, illegal border crossing. Now that the troops will be deployed, smuggling and illegal border crossing will become more complicated, so feel free to show any tricks or devices Mexicans may come up with. Feel free to "construct" US-Mexican border and its surroundings. E.g. make a border house split in two by the border line. Those who are up for a challenge can show contrast in US and Mexico on the opposite sides of US-Mexican border. Such entries can show US-Mexican border "splitting" the picture in two parts - US part and Mexican part, and show drastic contrast in life style, architecture and/or landscapes.

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