Mexican border bodyguards from Presidential reserve
Mexican border bodyguards from Presidential reserve
Mexican border bodyguards from Presidential reserve.

Funny Obama Serving Mexican Food at the Last Supper

Obama Serving Mexican Food at the Last Supper
Twelve people in intensive care and more than 80 ill 'after eating at same Mexican seafood restaurant in California'

Funny Mexican Space Fiesta

Mexican Space Fiesta
Member reactions:
I thought this was one of mine hahahahaha. Biochin colors and craftsmanship

Funny Mexican Bambi

Mexican Bambi
Just missed the deadline for the National Movies contest.This is my submission.This is a parody of the 1987 movie La Bamba,starring Lou Diamond Phillips.It was also a song
Member reactions:
hahaha funny..genius no one had ever thought of that idea.. i bet. hahaha...
Clean work, should have done well in the national movies contest
Thanks Picasso,rajeshstar,newsmaster and Splatshot

Funny Donald Trump with an Eagle at the Mexican Border

Donald Trump with an Eagle at the Mexican Border
Member reactions:
Kewl Choppage, and great political satire.
so where is trump going Swedish side Scottish side or German side i mean being he did say on a press conference that it was wrong to come and have babies here and stay so i gather that.. that being said he should go where.. or is that only for latino's and if so then that is racism.. and this image counts as one to being it's type casting which is wrong..mexico is not the only spanish speaking country.

Funny Mexican Alien

Mexican Alien
NASA is Searching for Alien Life on Other Planets
Member reactions:
Why search in other planet as you can find plenty of them here nearby you Like this in pic

Funny George Bush as a Mexican farmer in Taxes

George Bush as a Mexican farmer in Taxes
Member reactions:
Expression of Mrs Bush clearly shows her worried mind
Funny entry, but probably not texas....maybe Peru or Bolivia .

Funny Mexican Cleaners at the CIA

Mexican Cleaners at the CIA

Funny Mexican Jackie Chan

Mexican Jackie Chan
Member reactions:
Hey Opcrom WB. Great chop, I love Jackie Chan. Woody cup congrats
Fantastic 3-D effect, Congrats on the Wood, Opcrom..
Congrats on the wood, opcrom. Welcome back.

Funny Mexican Buyers Club

Mexican Buyers Club
Better learn Spanish...and developing a taste for tacos wouldn't hurt either.
Member reactions:
Excellent idea. The Car paint job is a tad rough though

Funny Mexican Wolf

Mexican Wolf
Photoshop the photo of this Mexican wolf any way you wish. Some examples are: merge the wolf with other animals, use this Mexican wolf image in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Jim Clark for providing the source photo.

Funny US-Mexican Border

US-Mexican Border
Show events on the US-Mexican border - guarding, smuggling, illegal border crossing. Now that the troops will be deployed, smuggling and illegal border crossing will become more complicated, so feel free to show any tricks or devices Mexicans may come up with. Feel free to "construct" US-Mexican border and its surroundings. E.g. make a border house split in two by the border line. Those who are up for a challenge can show contrast in US and Mexico on the opposite sides of US-Mexican border. Such entries can show US-Mexican border "splitting" the picture in two parts - US part and Mexican part, and show drastic contrast in life style, architecture and/or landscapes.

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