The Meteor
The Meteor
The Meteor. Member reactions:
Totally awesome job done D.Dog. A visually big impact with no clutter. Gold congrats.
Thanks Bob, Champ and PS. Champ, it was a last minute idea that I thought would flop. I knew what everyone else was going to do so I stuck with simplicity.

Funny Meteor Over Barack Obama

Meteor Over Barack Obama

Funny Vladimir Putin Driving a Meteor

Vladimir Putin Driving a Meteor
What's the origin of the Russian meteor.
Member reactions:
Go ahead so you will burn in the atmosphere .
Russians were hit with cosmic sanctions... literally
Twofer woot. Very nice, clean work as always.

Funny Meteor Nukes the World

Meteor Nukes the World
Member reactions:
Great look of the Meteor strike from the space... The strike looks like another Hiroshima with Nuclear blast like impact on it What is the Alien doing with them I suppose its an alien hand behind the stike
You tell me why it's there I haven't a clue. Thanks for the comments
Which one is you. The guy on the lower left. (just kidding...funny.)

Funny Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower
There's meteor shower during that days.. News Link source
Member reactions:
This contest requires you supply a news story between October 18 - 24, 2010. Could you please do so.
I plugged the news link for you , but you have to do it yourself for this particular type of contest (Week in Pictures) next time
NewsMaster: My mistakes, sorry I'm new around here..thanks alot for the info..I will do better next time

Funny Meteor Easter Egg

Meteor Easter Egg
Member reactions:
good luck.

Funny Saturn Outlook Car Hit by a Meteor

Saturn Outlook Car Hit by a Meteor
The New Saturn Outlook..."like a rock." source image:
Member reactions:
Do they offer top impact protection.I think not. Outstanding work here...

Funny Laptop Destruction by a Meteor

Laptop Destruction by a Meteor

Funny Shuttle Escaping a Meteor

Shuttle Escaping a Meteor
I got to thinking about it and decided there had to be some more fortunate souls to share in the good fortune, for a look at the edited version click here.
Member reactions:
Lucky for the few astronauts...not so much for the rest of us.
this have a great execution but i think this is not too much good luck. I voted for a happy medium.
No bad luck for the astronauts where will they land.

Funny Meteor and Crater on a Planet

Meteor and Crater on a Planet
Member reactions:
congrats quartarolo...good job... one more.....

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