Fat Messi
Fat Messi
Fat Messi. Member reactions:
LoL, awesome Congrats on the Silver Denlig.

Funny Leonel Messi shoots at goal

Leonel Messi shoots at goal

Funny Messi

Member reactions:
You should work in money creation
can you delete this message, imade double post by misclick ^^
Silver and Woody Congratulations, Talented Counterfeiter.

Funny Dinosaur Soccer via Lionel Messi

Dinosaur Soccer via Lionel Messi
It is a strong team against a fragile barcelona dinosaurs that i am just messi. the ball came to me, I hope they like
Member reactions:
Excellent... Please look to the Messi's shirt. The words on the shirt are backwards. Good luck in the contest.
... Barcelona club logo reversed too. II's easy to fix.
Reminds me of an old Stephen King book...
Fabolus job...nice detailing and good show of dino in this avatar well done
Remove the drop shadows from the saliva drops that are on the background.
I agree with Paul. The drop shadows of the drops on the background make the picture look 2d instead of 3d. but it's a good looking chop. The ball is very freaky.
Quality work, but I agree about the shadows of the drops

Funny Lionel Messi with Short Legs and Long Arms

Lionel Messi with Short Legs and Long Arms
Member reactions:
It is soccer. Players never use the arms.

Funny Lionel Messi the T-Rex

Lionel Messi the T-Rex
Member reactions:
The back leg needs more work. That sharp knee and his short foot look unnatural. Great otherwise

Funny Lionel Messi Playing Football

Lionel Messi Playing Football
Member reactions:
Excellent job even if his head coul be bigger
Thank you, Elegary, Suni, Luciano, Eric, Doc, Canine, Wanderer and 420. I am pleasantly surprised. This was a last second decision to enter as I really have no clue who this man is So striking a close likeness can be tricky. Thanks for the votes too. The head is small to exaggerate the big muscled body more. It is a stereotype
GREAT pic. Congrats on Gold. If the logos on ball and glove were non-dyslexic, it would be PERFECT.
Congrads on the Gold Cup,always in wonderment.
I Know huh. Everybody missed that including me I did fix it for the Facebook issue and it looks fine but the contest is closed so I can't correct it on the FN page. Oh well, I guess the message carried it to a cup and anyone that did catch the mistake and gave me forgiveness... Thank you.
Congrats on the gold, Hits, fine work. You can email me the edited version and I will upload it for you
Thanks all. Okay Newsey, I sent it but not sure about the size. I think outlook limits the size. The file I sent was 490 KB or pretty close. Thanks .
Congrats. errr bested again by the hitman..
Awesome photochop.. Gold Congrats HitMan..

Funny Lionel Messi Caricature

Lionel Messi Caricature
The ugly face to receive the Gold Ball, was prettier now.
Member reactions:
hehehe thanks
Thank you very much...
I think if I laugh at this I might go to he11. I have seen this genetic malfunction before LMFAO Well done Hidreley and congrats on the wood
Pretty cool, hidreley. He looks like a younger version of himself here too Congrats on the wood.
Congrats on Wood, Hid Outstanding caricature..

Funny Captain Lionel Messi

Captain Lionel Messi

Funny Second Place for Lionel Messi

Second Place for Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi says Golden Ball award means 'nothing'

Funny Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi
While Argentina lost the 2014 FIFA World Cup to Germany, Argentina's Lionel Messi was awarded the Golden Ball, as the tournament's best player. He also got four Man of the Match awards through the tournament - more than any other player. Messi is a fantastic footballer and his role in getting Argentina to the finals is indisputable. It was a very close game too, "the German machine" could only beat Argentina in overtime (and just compare this to Germany beating Brazil 7:1). Photoshop Lionel Messi any way you wish. Many thanks to Wanderer for the themepost.

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