John Kerry the Space Messenger
John Kerry the Space Messenger
John Kerry the Space Messenger. Member reactions:
Nice will sponsor this space flight too

Funny Boy and Messenger in a Bottle

Boy and Messenger in a Bottle
This message comes with it's own messenger.
Member reactions:
This looks great, I like your sources and the idea. One suggestion, the bottle shadow appears to have a problem, it's not touching the bottle (on the left). The blend tool should take care of that.
Congrats on the bronze (bottle), triplex.
Congrats Triplex Nice job at layering him into the bottle.
Congrats triplex. I hope someone uncorks him soon before the air runs out
Thanks guys. I let him out after the contest. Had he lost though...
Nice work triplex... but how'd he get in there. .. (don't answer that, He's probably a contortionist too.) ps. I really like the rippled glass effect, it makes him look like he's really in that bottle. It's much more apparent in full view.

Funny AOL Incontinence Messenger

AOL Incontinence Messenger
Kin I add U 2 my Buddy List there, you little whippersnapper you.
Member reactions:
You sure can you old geezer..Let 'er rip.

Funny Boohoo the New Yahoo Messenger

Boohoo the New Yahoo Messenger
Member reactions:
hahahaha, very funny image, nice job with the logo, good work

Funny Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger
Direct line.
Member reactions:
pay-per-pray 900 channels and nothings on...

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