A different Mermaid
A different Mermaid
A different Mermaid.

Funny Sleeping Beauty Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty Mermaid
Mermaids Favorite Disney Princess as a mermaid This is about 90% painting/artwork, and about 10% chop. Hope you like it
Member reactions:
Quality artwork. But why is she "sleeping".
Tried. Strange comment to make. Were you read fairy tales as a child, Newsy. "Sleeping Beauty" pricked her finger on a cursed spinning wheel and went into a coma of which a kiss of true love was the only thing that could awaken her. The news story was about Disney turning ALL of the fairy tale princesses into mermaids...sort of a useless exercise but somewhat entertaining. So I did my version of the character "Sleeping Beauty" as a mermaid, in my own artistic style such as one might see on the book cover. This is not a chop, slam cut and paste. This was art. I don't think you guys are getting that.
Great Art Work, Hits. Love them Sea Shells.
Hits, I've read fairy tales, and I certainly know Sleeping Beauty. It was just that I did not recognize her face as Sleeping Beauty character, I thought she looked like a blond mermaid. It is a quality artwork though, as I said earlier
Right, I appreciate your recognition of the art and skills involved. I am not disappointed in you, nor do I mean insult. I have no idea what Russian kids are exposed to. Example:I had no idea what Nu Pogodi was until I just looked it up to create this example. That door swings both ways Once again I reiterate, this was my version of Sleeping Beauty as a mermaid, not a fixed idea or standard anyone else may have in mind including Disney lawyers. I understand when you do chops with Disney characters you walk a fine line.

Funny Mermaid Under the Sea

Mermaid Under the Sea
Marine Life Model Stock
Member reactions:
Super clean and very nicely done, hidden.
very underrated, pree. i gave it a 9, but it didn't help much..
Thanks guys I love the great work on the site ,lots of competition .. I happy to be in the running . 😀😃😄
The flight of photoshop creativity here. Hats off for pree.

Funny The Real Ariel Mermaid

The Real Ariel Mermaid
Another cartoon character "realized". WIP Animation
Member reactions:
a well deserved gold for a skillfully made beauty, lunac. congrats.
A true feast for the eyes, especially combined with the WIP showing how you created this from scratch.
Golden treasure chest for Luna, congrats.
Congrats to this enchanting classic, realized. Golden work, LunaC.
This was from scratch. I did not seen a line art referenced so I just thought it was an enhanced character chop from a stock image. All the better then. . Congrats on the cup. WIPs are that cherry on top that are hard to compete with. Going to have to try one some day. Marvelous work, Mate

Funny Mermaid SeaScape

Mermaid SeaScape
Member reactions:
Awesome composition. I see one problem of ptoportions, cats look big as tigers.
Interesting one, but I would get rid of the cats, balloons and the sofa - they dont really fit the sea composition

Funny Hillary Clinton the Mermaid

Hillary Clinton the Mermaid
Member reactions:
Don't like shark like eyes.

Funny Daydreaming Mermaid

Daydreaming Mermaid
Member reactions:
Nice work, every girls dream to be mermaid eventually day time at Island is super
Decent work. I would get rid of the black line on the right and the bottom

Funny The Big Mermaid Dolly Parton

The Big Mermaid Dolly Parton
Member reactions:
, what a mermaid Dolly makes. With all that singing she might as well turn to Cyrene.

Funny Little Mermaid on a Rock Digital Art

Little Mermaid on a Rock Digital Art
This famous statue was fun to do. The rocks took a while to do and I used a lot of layers for the clouds. I would have done it for the Hans Christian Anderson contest if I knew it were coming but then, I didn't feel like putting a politician on her face. Maybe a movie star would have been okay but I did the statue so small, I don't know if the face of a movie star would be recognizable on it. digital art

Funny Mermaids Among Us

Mermaids Among Us
Mermaid Hoax Crazy amount of time and work SOURCES
Member reactions:
Thanks TE. I believe this might be the best build I have ever done. This took ALL my skills
Just watching "Finding Nemo" Lovely work
Fantastic work on the mermaid face good merge
Congrats Hits... I dunno if this is your best work or not... you've done some incredible stuff.
Congrats, Hits.
grats HS. thought this would end on top. so clean and clear and with great eye for detail.
Ummmmmmm, it's my best in my opinion due mainly to the challenges leading to the tons of failed states and rescues the chop went through before I gave myself the green light. If you saw the problems I had to solve to pull this off you'd sort of see why. There is tons of fades, erasures, illustration, double stacking of layers, multiple contrasting layers, bloat work, liquefy, color and grain filter adjustments and a few passes through various Topaz filters and about 12 hours work. But most people don't see all that. They just see a cool chop. If I had to do it again I'd try to find a better source library than Bing. The search was so long it was borderline stupid. Hehe, we have all been there and done that one. Anyway, enough novel writing and to the point.... Thanks everyone for the appreciation and comments. Happy New Year one and all.
Super Kewl Hits. I love the underwater chop and the source post. I spend more time searching than chopping..you mean that's abbynormal. or bassackwards.
Hits... it takes so many days off and so much work to even to come in second to you on any given day.
Hahaahahaah Jim. thanks man. I knew I was in for a fight in this one. Good bloody chops. But I have been on a bit of a roll lately. I know the feeling of trying your A55 off and still sucking hind teet. There was a time when I would spend 40 hours on a single chop and still finish 20th hahahah. Look at my early stats. Sad. And I came to FN as a seasoned professional artist. I got smoked all the time. Then, after some pointers from Mac, Kellie, Vlad and some choppers dear to my heart, things started to click. I can always count on them to return me back to default if I start to loose my magic. It is pretty evident when that happens. I turn into an even bigger azzhole and you can get a clear sense that I went off my game. We all do it, I just happen to throw tantrums It sometimes sucks to have such high expectations of oneself and go splat hahaahahahahaha. My God that pain killer buzzed me out..... I've gone total "Loopy the Frikin Chatterbox" I had a huge relapse, same old back issue...
SplatShot, I dunno. I'm still trying to figure that one out too. 'HoHouse The Wise' may have an answer to that. He's the search master. I'd go to AZRainman but he ain't around. That guy could find amazing sources and fast....
Thumbs up for this one Hitspinner. Congrats on the bronze.

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