Merlin The Magician with his Owl
Merlin The Magician with his Owl
Merlin The Magician with his Owl. Member reactions:
Kewl. that one has pinned my strang-o-meter hahahahahaah Congrats on the woody. I think I have that same hat in a drawer somewhere

Funny Nicol Williamson as Merlin

Nicol Williamson as Merlin
A tribute to actor Nicol Williamson who recently passed away and is probably best remembered for playing Merlin the wizard in the 1981 film "Excalibur". Rest in peace Mr. Williamson.
Member reactions:
Really nice tribute to Nicol , Hidden ...
Thank you Chili and pcrdds for the kind words.
that was my first none g rated movie. hehehe need stone table for bed room.
Great Chop, very nice to see the power ring on the top of mouse and the saint and how can the sword gone into the stone amazing
..... fantastic job. superb work with mouse.
Thank you ericnorthend, badseed, rajeshstar, balodiya and Disasterman111 ...
Nice work SteveGSQ beautiful color tone and light nice touch with the red eyes.
Oh, boy. The chop is brilliant, and the holly critter behind the stone really completes it.
qtrmoonshop, thanks and I actually didn't add red to his eyes. The photo source had them red as they appeared like that in a particular scene from the movie.
Thanks deaddog and NewsMaster. And it never hurts to have a critter from the forest praying for ya.

Funny Merlin's Nightmare

Merlin's Nightmare
With source elements only Some details
Member reactions:
Great thx, Rkay . Full view is less dark. But are we dreaming in colors . : that's the eternal question . "Colorised" version here -Edited by Moderator on 12/3/2009 1:14:34 AM
I can hear the organ music just by looking at this marvelous piece. Awesome work using just the source elements.

Funny Children at Merlin's Castle

Children at Merlin's Castle

Funny Phil Collins as Merlin

Phil Collins as Merlin
Member reactions:
Master of Music.... got me stuffed how you drum and sing....

Funny Merlin Crystal Cave

Merlin Crystal Cave
Member reactions:
i like the colors here. the wizard is somewhat blurry though

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