German Shepherd of Frau Merkel and animal lover
German Shepherd of Frau Merkel and animal lover
German Shepherd of Frau Merkel and animal lover. Member reactions:
Hehe, Putin's expression is really funny. You forgot a white border on the right side of the picture(see full)
Thank you, Jeremix. If you mean red piece of fabric in right bottom corner it is Pu's pants.
no, if you look ast the original, you see the border has an edge you forgot to cut off. congrats mate.
I will be wondering if you like him. I think German shepherd loves him and tries to mark him as a friend.
Shepherd is not mine. All questions address to Angela Merkel, it is her dog.
...Andrew. mark him as their friend...rof

Funny Angela Merkel Bugs Obama

Angela Merkel Bugs Obama
Member reactions:
Silver Congratulations Paul, great caricatures of B.O. and Angie.
Congrats on the Silver, Paul. Brilliant, ols scool spying setting here.

Funny Frau Merkel with sick daughter

Frau Merkel with sick daughter

Funny Raphael `Angela Merkel`

Raphael `Angela Merkel`
Member reactions:
Oh my God ., why did you create Greece .
I saw this and threw my entry away. Great job.
Wanderer this is so good, your realism work is great.
Great match Andrew and hats off to your source selection. Silver congrats....
Congrats on the silver, Andrew. Wunderbar.

Funny McCartney Merkel

McCartney Merkel

Funny Brave Hollande and Merkel meet Mr. Evil.

Brave Hollande and Merkel meet Mr. Evil.
Member reactions:
Looks original and his Bat wings are freaking brilliant
Love the look on Putin's face. Looks like Billy Idol's sneer.

Funny Selfie Merkel, Poroshenko, Hollande, Putin

Selfie Merkel, Poroshenko, Hollande, Putin
News Link
Member reactions:
Love it. Made the link clickable for you too
Pro job all the way.. Nicely done, Loth. I love the traditional style
Чудесен колаж, приятелю .

Funny Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel
Member reactions:
I'd say as good as Merkle's ever looked before. NIce matching.

Funny Shaving Merkel

Shaving Merkel
Member reactions:
Fantastical work, but I don't understand how this has anything to do with tapping her phone.
yeah, it might be a bit farfetched, . maybe it should be in the freakshow. i'll ask newsy.
This is a brilliant work, The lighting and caricatures with their expressions are Phenomenal. It's provocative, I love it, and I thank hidden for sharing it with us...
Love the Caricatures. Now...that said, I vote we send it back to the In The News contest. ...Too Good Hidden. P.S. please leave the rest of Merkel covered. Okay.
I love the Caricatures too. It does have the trappings of a winner and the dark ambience works in this case very well. Best of luck, Hidden
Had to come back for another looksee. One of the top chops ever here at FN by the way Gets a 10 from me
This version of Merkel is totally crazy. Top chop.
Was never a doubt. Congrats on the gold, Jere. You know 9.7 puts you in a small group that has bragging rights of 9.5 and above.... Big feather to stick in your headband
, very high score indeed. now i can die in peace.. thanks for putting it in first place peeps.
Congrats on the Big Win, Jere. Well Deserved. Pro Work.
Congrats Jeremix, a 9.7 that should have been a perfect 10
i am pleased with it myself, too. thanks a lot guys.
Fabulous chop jeremix. Very little to critique in this one. Especially Like the Merkel caricature. The bald head and the multiple chins are hilarious. Keep up the awesome work and big congrats on the gold.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. You just keep giving us some real treats lately.

Funny Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel
Member reactions:
I don't know who she is, but the nose here is awesome. Clean otherwise, too and funny.

Funny Putin, Hollande, and Merkel

Putin, Hollande, and Merkel
Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande sat down with Russia's Vladimir Putin this Friday to try and craft a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis. Not only the situation over Ukraine is hurting Russia-West relationship, it also splits Europe from the US, since Europe is taking a soft stand while America is pressing for firmer actions against Russia to force Putin to stop supporting Ukrainian rebels and return Crimea to Ukraine. The result of the talks so far? Merkel and Hollande returned back Saturday empty-handed. We don't have decent photos from this meeting, so instead we ask you to photoshop this photo (any way you wish) taken in 2013, on G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, when they were still on good terms, and the war in Ukraine was not yet in the cards. Image credit: Agence France-Presse.

Funny Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday won the center-right majority that eluded her four years ago nudging Europe's biggest economic power to the right as it claws its way out of a deep recession. Given her strong leadership and capacity for adapting, Angela Merkel is already said to be Germany's Maggie Thatcher. To congratulate German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the election victory, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are - showing how Merkel celebrates her victory, photoshopping how would the world be different if Merkel ruled all the countries, what products Merkel may endorse, etc.

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