American and United Airlines Merger
American and United Airlines Merger
American and United Airlines Merger. American Airlines, US Airways announce $11B merger
Member reactions:
The source image of the plane is a Virgin Galactic twin-fuselage White Knight Two carrier airplane. Still, this is a great entry idea and did take significant photochopping skills to add in the airline names, tail colors and logos.
Well presented good composition to satisfy the news link

Funny Ikea, Nivea and Nike Merger

Ikea, Nivea and Nike Merger
* 3 in 1... or maybe... NIVEA+NIKE+IKEA... = NIVKEA
Member reactions:
Its Nice and NIVKEA looks so original well done with this image

Funny Microsoft Apple Merger

Microsoft Apple Merger
"Unbelievable sacrilege to any self respecting Mac user." .
Member reactions:
You couldn't pay me to use anything that ran off Microsoft software.
"THNX for the accolade guys, may the pixels be kind to you."

Funny Glen Beck Predicts NBC-Comcast Merger

Glen Beck Predicts  NBC-Comcast Merger
NBC-Comcast Merger Will Mean No Olbermann

Funny Howard Stern in the Middle of the Satellite Radio Merger

Howard Stern in the Middle of the Satellite Radio Merger
satellite radio merger

Funny Accidental Merger Of Two Planes

Accidental Merger Of Two Planes
Just for the record, Neither Delta or Northwest have ever been involved in a ground accident of this kind. However, I would like to thank Saudi Arabian Airlines for providing the source photos of their bent 747.

Funny Google McDonald's Merger

Google McDonald's Merger
A big mac. No, now a big goog. Goodyear sold out too.

Funny Merger

Paul Martin and Vicente Fox plan some mergers and acquisitions. View full.
Member reactions:
Lighting's a little off on Martin but I like the concept.

Funny Howard Stern at the Satellite Radio Merger by Rembrandt

Howard Stern at the Satellite Radio Merger by Rembrandt
Member reactions:
. Looks funky, especially after I saw the original painting in Amsterdam

Funny Microsoft Yahoo Google Merger

Microsoft Yahoo Google Merger
Where will it end.
Member reactions:
I was wondering if anyone else might make the leap to apple... almost scary... I like the work, just wish thw apple logos could have been bent a bit more 'roundy' like... Overall nice comp.

Funny Airline Mergers

Airline Mergers
US Airways may be looking for another company to buy after talks with Delta ended earlier this week. US Airways CEO Doug Parker said bankrupt airlines are particularly attractive because they make it easier to boost profits. A bankrupt airline can get out of expensive contracts and leases and put pressure on unions to renegotiate contracts. I don't know about you, but if I was going to Hawaii, instead of flying on one of his airlines, I'd drive. In this contest we are asking you to photoshop any airline merger. What we would like to see is airlines merging with other companies besides airlines. Some examples would be SouthWestinghouse or Fly The Friendly Skies of WalMart. Thanks to Grandma Moses for sponsoring this contest.

Funny Corporate Mergers

Corporate Mergers
Merge two companies' logos/images/trademarks together. Creating a "merged" product, service, or advert a plus.

Funny Corporate Mergers

Corporate Mergers
Combine any brand named computer hardware, software products or services! We should be able to clearly identify where the combination of products or services came from.

Funny Music Company Mergers

Music Company Mergers
Show the results of music corporate mergers - two companies (or fast food companies) joining together in the music business. Create new CD's or advertising campaigns showing singers/musicians and their participation with these companies. Or show the result of corporate involvement in international music such as altered instruments, the Hamburgular rocking out with a pan flute, etc.

Funny Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions
Whenever companies this large merge it is sure to impact the market in a substantial way. What other companies might enter the phone market? What other mergers might be in the works that would impact the telecommunication industry? Create images that include the results of company mergers and acquisitions or companies unrelated to this market that might enter the arena like Pepsi, McDonalds or any others you can think of.

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