Bashar Assad and Freddy Mercury Hybrid
Bashar Assad and Freddy Mercury Hybrid
Bashar Assad and Freddy Mercury Hybrid. Member reactions:
Great catch on the similarities, and nice blending too.

Funny Freddie Mercury Caricature

Freddie Mercury Caricature
Member reactions:
Amazing show of character. Chopping show must go on. Congrats on the bronze, gugu.
Thank you,geriatric. Thank you,NewsMaster ...
Cute character, congrats on the win......

Funny Freddie Mercury Wearing a Beijing Stadium Hat

Freddie Mercury Wearing a Beijing Stadium Hat
Member reactions:
Gawd Freddy was a nutty freak, but he could bloody sing.

Funny Mercury Safari Hybrid Car with a High Roof

Mercury Safari Hybrid Car with a High Roof
Member reactions:
a little odd, but still nice line work and blending.
love the idea. my only critique is the glass window.
Interesting concept. A slight misalignment of the bottom right corner on the upper unit but it is still a very good example of blending. Only other critique would be to move the feet of the giraffe so that they are behind the front panel. Nice entry
very nice execution combined with a great crazy idea

Funny Radioactive Mercury Snail

Radioactive Mercury Snail
Radioactive Snails found in Spain seem to have developed other interesting atributes as well. Please full view.
Member reactions:
oh man you got the top place and my high rank
oh man oh man.... you got me crazy you got full marks very well done
man, 10 for this one, love to know how you made it, please post a tutorial
lovelly chop, just awsome, just u forgot to delete the black areas at the radioactive icon/label. This keep my hightest vote. Great full view.
This snail is a breathtaking work of art. You keep amazing us with your great entries, midian. Congrats on the gold well deserved. This time it's gold with radioactive mercury
Congrats Midian, this is just awsome, well deserved gold
Must add my praise too. That thing looks real enough to have crawled out from under the hood of my daddy's old Studebaker.

Funny Mercury Thermometer Frog

Mercury Thermometer Frog
Frogs do not have a single "normal" body temperature. Instead, their body temperature depends on the environment around it. Due to massive exposure to mercury over the years, several frogs have mutated into a new species, the Mercury Thermometer Frog. With the flick of its tongue, this new species of frog can take the temperature of anything. Although, it hasn't quite mastered holding it there for a couple of minutes to get an accurate reading. Scientists are continuing their research with this unique amphibian. Please View Full Size.
Member reactions:
this text works like a great gag, but the pic doesn't do your caption justice ... super concept

Funny Mercury Snake

Mercury Snake
Not only does mercury mutate the snake,but it also makes catching & holding it very difficult.
Member reactions:
Are their tongues forked also. Wonderful work.

Funny Bashar Assad and Freddy Mercury

Bashar Assad and Freddy Mercury

Funny NASA's Project Mercury Astronauts

NASA's Project Mercury Astronauts

Funny Queen Elizabeth and Freddy Mercury

Queen Elizabeth and Freddy Mercury
Queen Elizabeth and Freddy Mercury (from the band Queen)
Member reactions:
It looks a good job but hard to tell with such a poor original source.
It was actually a paint effect I put over it to make it look more like a painted portrait but I have now resubmitted it with the effect removed.

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