Funny Memories & Freedom

Memories & Freedom
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Beautiful, I went there last weekend to see Yanni at Radio City, had to go there to this site, it's so sad, but yet so beautiful.

Funny In Memory of John Lennon

In Memory of John Lennon
John Lennon was shot 35 years ago

Funny Paul Ross Artistic Memories

Paul Ross Artistic Memories
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RIP Paul, you've left us lots of chops to enjoy

Funny Old John Lennon Memories

Old John Lennon Memories
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Good chop. I find the blue of glasses excessive.
Quality work. I like how his glasses reflect the sky
Thanks to all .

Funny In Memory of Chili

In Memory of Chili
I was putting this pic in a page I am creating for a book and it just dawned on me that Chili asked me for this file and said he was going to print it and hang it on his wall in his office, which I thought it was a bit odd, but I sent him a 4meg file. This was while he was in the Netherlands. In the past year on facebook he appeared to me to be rambling and feeling lost and when he revealed he had cancer, I did not know what to make of it and on reflection, I believe Chili knew he had Cancer when he asked for my file and in the subsequent months he was reaching out for help in relationships and on facebook, Chili, if you pick up my thoughts, sorry I didn't extend words of comfort to you on facebook and R.I.P.
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As long as I have this file, Chili will never be forgotten,
Your friend must have been thinking of his death when he decided to hang your picture. Very nice.
The picture scares me a bit, but if Chilli liked it it's all that matters here. Did you draw it on his request, or it was already made when Chili saw it.
Chili connected with this artwork, and now it has connected to him. RIP Chili
Newsy, the pic was created around about Dec, 2007. It's one of a few morbid pics I created around the same time. Obviously I was going thru my Black period. This pic is only one of a few (not dark ones)that became eerily prophetic. I have just finished a chapter for my book titled C0-incidence or Prophecy and a Mystery. Absolutely weird and substantiated with dates of the pics posted to Flickr and months or years later the events materialized.

Funny In Memory of James Garner

In Memory of James Garner
James Garner
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Hi buddy ericnorthend... Thank you sooooo much for comment...

Funny In Memory of Magritte

In Memory of Magritte

Funny Woman With Memories of Egypt Digital Art

Woman With Memories of Egypt Digital Art
This woman is wearing a symbol of Egypt on her headband, the scarab. That is her memento of a wonderful trip to Egypt, a place which she had thoroughly enjoyed. digital art

Funny Dali's Persistence of Memory Undone

Dali's Persistence of Memory Undone
It isnt right.
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Nope not right. Why would any in their right mind steal such obviously broken clocks... 2 cool

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