The Persistence of Memory with John Kerry as Dali
The Persistence of Memory with John Kerry as Dali
The Persistence of Memory with John Kerry as Dali. Member reactions:
Dali English Reborn might be his 2nd innings
Adorable.. Best idea and Very well execution. Super cool expression I just Love it
Very relevant to the current state of affairs, excellent.

Funny In Memory of Tony Scott Director

In Memory of Tony Scott Director
Late for the 'Remembering Tony Scott' contest but, not forgotten. I discovered the movie 'Domino' a few weeks ago and was very pleased with this man's work. Stars Pay Tribute to Tony Scott
Member reactions:
Great tribute. Love the way you inserted the pics into the filmstrip.
Thanks for the kind comments all. You have all taught me something about Photoshoppery which I appreciate.
RIP Tony... very well done to picture him here... really a great actor and good personality.
Nice film role and Mr. Tuff with super awards
Awesome job, I'm impressed, Great improvements lately and top 10.
Great looking chop geriatric nice work and nice tribute.

Funny Poolside Memory

Poolside Memory
Muscles by Funkwood-I cannot tell a lie.
Member reactions:
Actually, the background is the only nice thing about this entry because the tropical scene was a photo taken by a close friend.
That's one ugly muscle guy...but nice work, hidden.
Thanks for the comments Pcrdds, EricNorthend & JoanMcKay.

Funny Memories of Punk Love in Paris

Memories of Punk Love in Paris
oh yes, occasionally we are reminded of the loves of the past ... would be nice to go back ... but time is never backed down.
Member reactions:
Boy, this guy sure gets around. Great job, hidden.
Quite excellent Ricky . . . Really like the mood of the shadow & light really clean and crisp as always, and great work on the tats high marks indeed.
Awesome job I love how clean and crisp this is Excellent job
What a fantastic image you have created. And thanks for sharing part of your past with us. You art is truly inspirational.
Great tattoos work all over , I like the peacock tattoo over the girl's back, excellent chop
Great work Ricky, congratulations on the silver
I liked this one alot, Ricky. Grats mate.
thanks for the nice comments on mine, and congrats/lovely job once again. (I actually like this a lot more than your lucas/speilberg ones, even though they were exceedingly well done)
Another beauty from Ricky. Congrats on the silver.
awesome work ricky .. congrats on the silver cup

Funny Memory Photo

Memory Photo
Member reactions:
So Lovely present, thinking to make another one and present my Beloved

Funny Into the Blue Memory

Into the Blue Memory
Member reactions:
Blue-iciously lovely . . . nice work Moody Blue

Funny Modern Memory of a Voyager

Modern Memory of a Voyager
Member reactions:
What happens when the world turns pear shaped. Good job.

Funny Memory of a Geisha

Memory of a Geisha

Funny Old Woman Memories

Old Woman Memories

Funny Danny DeVito Memories

Danny DeVito Memories
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