Cantaloupe Melon Girl
Cantaloupe Melon Girl
Cantaloupe Melon Girl. Member reactions:
Lovely chop with the texture used all over her body is awesome with the plants creeping on her pants
Very glad you like it Subhraj1t, Rajeshstar, Suni thank you so much.
Juicy melon girl nicely executed with leaves
Many thanks for congratulations Eric, Pcr, Boulpix, AWESOME, Geriatric, Vicspa, Possumpie, Lucido
Excellent texture work, Sun. Congrats on the silver.
Lots of thanks Jeremix, Gugulanul, Newsy

Funny Dolly Parton's Melon Farm

Dolly Parton's Melon Farm
Member reactions:
Perect..."Naturally Grown" PMSL
Thanks, Kellie. Thanks, Gandolfe. Who doesn't love watermelons. Refreshing, non-fattening.
are those 2 guys other choppers nice job
Thanks,, they're not other choppers. Sorry.
Hysterical concept. The guys munching the watermelons add nicely to it.
Congratulations. Funny to the seedy core.
It's no wonder this entry gave you a woody. Congrats, Paul.
It's rare that they are both the same size hahahaah Congrads Doc
Congrats on the wood, cool work and very funny
Thanks, PixJockey...thanks, Hitspinner...thanks, Sunshin...and, thanks Newsy...Melons always give me a Woody.

Funny Michelle Pfeiffer Melon

Michelle Pfeiffer Melon
Member reactions:
beautiful and still very recognisable, wd
Congrats on the win, Funk. She looks yummy.

Funny Melon World

Melon World
It was my intention to have the melon open at the bottom with trees and bits of melon and juice falling. I'll see if I've got time.
Member reactions:
Full view shows the real scale of this work. Quite clever and creative

Funny Melon Falls on a Bust

Melon Falls on a Bust
Melons sure are juicy.
Member reactions:
Y'oughta get rid o' the artist's signature, it throws off the image (in my opinion), plus the shadows don't carry over to the pink pulp...there's still time to edit these simple things; Good Luck.
This is interesting... I really like this.
Very artistic. Should have scored higher, in my humble opinion
I totally agree with your humble opinion, but the "gods" are against me I guess...

Funny Melon Earth Rise From the Moon

Melon Earth Rise From the Moon
Member reactions:
I was doing something similar, until I saw this. FrEAKING Psychics, Sometimes I'd like to ...
Nice shadowing. The moon is the first thing I thought of when I seen the source pic.

Funny Melon Kiwi Fruit

Melon Kiwi Fruit

Funny Melon Turtle

Melon Turtle

Funny Blind Melon Band

Blind Melon Band
Member reactions:
blind refferee... i see them all the time at Rockets games.

Funny Banana and Melon Hybrid Fruit

Banana and Melon Hybrid Fruit
A-peeling Melon. No more mess. Just peel & eat. Banana Source Watermelon Skin Source Watermelon Cut Source
Member reactions:
very well done. When I first started scrolling down, all I saw was the tinting of the banana flesh, but after seeing the whole image, including the watermellon rind not to mention the incredible job on the watermellon flesh at the top of the peeled banana really makes this image stand out
Very well done. Looks tasty... I'll order a bunch.
I dunno if I'd eat it, but this banana melon looks very real. Quality work here

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