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Funny Melissa Pictures

Breastfeeding Melissa TheuriauFunny Breastfeeding Melissa Theuriau
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Melissa's hairy beaverFunny Melissa's hairy beaver
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Well what did you expect mate.
Hairier armpit and proper beaver shadow, and you would probably have done better (ha). Of course if you check out the names of the high scorers on this one, they seem to all have extra experience (ha).
Yea he doesn't call himself "TheBearder" for nothing. thanks all. perhaps it at least made some laugh.

Melissa Harris-Perry Gets Kicked Playing Race CardFunny Melissa Harris-Perry Gets Kicked Playing Race Card
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You can always tell an Obama fan, but you can't tell them much. Lacking any legitimate arguments with which to defend the president, The Nation's Melissa Harris-Perry resorts to playing the race card

Melissa JolieFunny Melissa Jolie
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Recognise those lips a mile off, they are unique.

MelissaFunny Melissa
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