Mel Gibson's Military Hat
Mel Gibson's Military Hat
Mel Gibson's Military Hat .

Funny Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson
Member reactions:
Source was the key, chop and face swap, thanks I'm humbled by the placement.
Congrats on snatching another cup, HH. Great Celebrity choice. Rosenberg is not too shabby either. He's shaggy.

Funny Mel Gibson Bucks

Mel Gibson Bucks

Funny Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson
Member reactions:
OMG I'm not sure if Id like to see him rightside up either... :o
I like that you fit the face neatly into the hair.
Thought this would be a winner, hard to judge lately, this was very good to me.
Thank you Hobbit, for the very kind words.
Your getting very good with this painterly style. Super image Uncle-C. One of my faves.
Thanks SplatS, but I think the painterly style is not for this contest. Your one of the Masters here, and I very much appreciate your thoughts and compliments..

Funny Big mouth Mel

Big mouth Mel
Member reactions:
thanks Luciano and hits, this was my fave one to do

Funny Mel Gibson with Double Vision

Mel Gibson with Double Vision
Member reactions:
Strong features to work with, nice choice. Liking the ones not repeating the eyebrows.

Funny Mel Gibson in Braveheart with a Little Head

Mel Gibson in Braveheart with a Little Head
Member reactions:
Cool, it has that thing that sets it apart. Dunno why it did not do way better

Funny Mel Gibson in Braveheart Caricature

Mel Gibson in Braveheart Caricature
Mel Gibson, 59, sports much darker hair
Member reactions:
Peace and Love, glad I got that off my chest.
I hear ya, Buddy. This is one fantastic chop, and for the record it wasn't me. I haven't voted yet. Hopefully this moronic individual can be tracked down.
Either jealous or clueless. Very likely a 1 Karma voter with microscopic influence. But it is the insult, always If the disrespect keeps up Kellie or Mac will likely lob a grenade. Great chop. I see a cup in my crystal balls
I had a New Jersey of a time finding some hair, that's Danny Trejo's. Lol

Funny Neanderthal Mel Gibson

Neanderthal Mel Gibson

Funny Cholafied Mel Gibson

Cholafied Mel Gibson
Member reactions:
oh my,,,,,,,,,,Say it ain't so.

Funny Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson is in trouble again. His ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva leaked the tapes where Mel says racist things, and admits domestic violence. "Mel in Hell" was then dropped by William Morris Endeavor Talent Agency, his agent left him, and as Mel said on the second tape "My f***ing career is over". On the other hand Mel, when being sober, is an optimist and takes all his misfortunes with a grain of salt and humor. We actually follow him on twitter, where he keeps telling about his troubles in a humorous way. He says that his mouth is his enemy - both because it drinks, and speaks bad things when drunk. "If I could just shutup when I'm drunk, but I f***ing can't..." says Mel. Mel needs help how to keep his mouth shut - Photoshop creative (or simple) ways to shut Mel Gibson's mouth in order to stop him saying bad things and drinking.

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