Fatal meeting with macho from Russia
Fatal meeting with macho from Russia
Fatal meeting with macho from Russia. Fatal meeting with macho from Russia or new "Russians" Putin's friends.
Member reactions:
What's the drawing on the wall.
Excellent work wanderer..my fave from this contest.

Funny Im So Happy To Meet Me

Im So Happy To Meet Me
Member reactions:
you should tone down the white highlights on her dress.
I'm assuming you failed to read/follow the dog kit instructions in assembling the Queen's dog.
Well he turned out Kinda OK. Click Here For instructions
Nice Work, Gummy. Yes a long time. She's been reigning as Queen since 1952.

Funny East Meets West

East Meets West
Link-up on the DMZ
Member reactions:
Another brilliant job..trump looks like he means business
Thanks Manosart and Fugit, for your generous comments they are appreciated.
Wonderfully processed, Reggie. The caricature work is brilliant and KJU is hilarious. ... Congrats on the win.
Thank You SplatShot. Feels good when one's work is appreciated and you put a smile on my face with you awesome compliments.

Funny The Meet n Greet

The Meet n Greet
Member reactions:
The queen walking off not knowing whats going on ..great job
Hahahaha that dang peanut again Good job.
Exactly Fugit, thanks. It seems I made you smile as well, thanks Hitman.

Funny Trump Meets Queens

Trump Meets Queens

Funny Trump's secret meeting with Cesar Sayoc

Trump's secret meeting with Cesar Sayoc
Member reactions:
Yep, I could see the Lying Fake News CNN saying that.
Bwhahahahahahaha yes indeed, that is how the story might be fabricated

Funny New Job and New Meeting Place.

New Job and New Meeting Place.

Funny Summit meeting

Summit meeting

Funny Donald Trump's Secret Meetings

Donald Trump's Secret Meetings
Member reactions:
Love that President, good one, Congrats...
Lol, Great heights selfie congrats. Slip n Fall nice touch.

Funny When Emmanuel met Brigitte

When Emmanuel met Brigitte
Member reactions:
As a French this one makes me laugh very much .

Funny Queen Meets With New P.M.

Queen Meets With New P.M.
This contest continues with a provided source image. This is a great image of Queen Elizabeth meeting with newly-minted Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It's customary for new prime ministers to have an audience with the British monarch and kiss her hand, after they assume the role. Johnson is fourteenth prime minister that the Queen has worked alongside since she ascended the throne in 1952, and first met with Winston Churchill. (image credit: Victoria Jones/Getty) Photoshop this image of Queen Meets With P.M. any way you wish. Please Note: Limit 3 Entries Per Player.

Funny Dog Meets Dentures = SMILE

Dog Meets Dentures = SMILE
This 'smiling' dog ended up with a bizarre grin after clamping its jaws around a discarded set of false teeth. Lucas Alves Magalhăes, from Monte Aprazível, Brazil, found his dog, Pandora, chomping on the dentures after finding them in the garden of his home. The 32-year-old, a deputy headteacher at an agricultural college, said the false teeth appeared to fit perfectly in the animal's mouth. Give ANY animal a set of HUMAN TEETH. As in this news story, try to make the teeth fit perfectly in your animal's mouth. No Politicians, No Entertainers allowed! For more background on this story Visit This Link

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