Walking backwards to the medusa
Walking backwards to the medusa
Walking backwards to the medusa. Member reactions:
Very nice and well done with style, but no body parts were turned backwards...

Funny Statue of Medusa

Statue of Medusa
Alternate Mythology 'Medusa takes the head of Perseus'.
Member reactions:
This is Amazing, and the original size really shows a spectacular job on this with a brilliant background.

Funny Caravaggio Miley Medusa

Caravaggio Miley Medusa
She's got one scary tongue.
Member reactions:
Ha Lol snakes tongue. Awesome, and the snake is a great touch.
Truly a pro job, LunaC. With only .001 of a point separating 3rd and 4th and 5th, it really shows that every vote counts and that a 1-karma voter can decide your placement in a contest
Really, really good. You threw your Ooooomph into it and is considerably better than mine. Deserved top marks,

Funny Caravaggio's Real Medusa M. Waters

Caravaggio's Real Medusa M. Waters
The Real Medusa
Member reactions:
An improvement over her James Brown wig. Pro chopping.
Awesome Medusa, Hobbit. Congrats on the Silver.
Popular theme this time and you did a fine job. Congrats on the win

Funny Debbie Wasserman Medusa

Debbie Wasserman Medusa
Member reactions:
Makes you kinda feel sorry for this Medusa.

Funny Barack Obama as Medusa

Barack Obama as Medusa

Funny What Difference Does It Make Says Hillary Clinton as Medusa

What Difference Does It Make Says Hillary Clinton as Medusa

Funny Hillary Clinton as Medusa

Hillary Clinton as Medusa
Medusa Clinton
Member reactions:
Wao.... All snakes erupted from her head good merge well done

Funny Salma Hayek as Medusa

Salma Hayek as Medusa
Member reactions:
...lovely work...really like this entry..good luck hidden...
Awesome job done... great to see her new innovative hair style with all snakes creaping up and down., and those skulls being guarded by the skull man is really amazing .... truly great skill required to do this....

Funny Medusa

gazing directly upon her would turn you to stone
Member reactions:
Very trippy, I wouldn't want to run into her in a dark alley

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