The Medieval thief-inquisitor behind the Climate Change
The Medieval thief-inquisitor behind the Climate Change
The Medieval thief-inquisitor behind the Climate Change.

Funny Raphael `Medieval doctor`

Raphael `Medieval doctor`

Funny Obama and Putin in Medieval War

Obama and Putin in Medieval War
Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the conflict between Russia and the Western allies by Crimea is a "clash of values
Member reactions:
Excellent. The blood stain shaped like Russia is a clever touch
Very Illustrated and illuminated chop Like the Obama in caricature face
I love your colors lately. Top 5 congrats

Funny Medieval Soldier in a Strange Helmet

Medieval Soldier in a Strange Helmet
Rodney Pike, R.W. Pike Fellow Chopper
Member reactions:
Congratulation Hits.... Is that a pike on his spear.
Yes, congrats hits... looks freaking awesome.
On its own the chop is absolutely brilliant, a 10 chop. I just wish that, in the light of the contest, the hat here would get a bigger space in the composition, so that more focus is made on it. Right not the chop is not hat-focused, and the hat is just one of the many wonderful details present here. But, as I said, on its own the chop is brilliant and I salute you for the gold.
I agree Newsey, But the source image of his face was even smaller than shown here so I had to work within size limitations this time. Thanks everyone for the comments and votes. Sorry I am not commenting much or very active. Some parts of America are having trouble getting on to FN due to glitch in the server apparently, However the boss is on it working on the fix. And yeah, , that is a pike on his pike Just a bit of word play
An amazing work of art. Congrats on the gold.
Absolutely Fantastic, congrats on the win.

Funny Medieval Darth Vader

Medieval Darth Vader
Member reactions:
Freaking impressive remake of Darth. Star Wars fans would totally dig it. Congrats on the wood, Ninj.

Funny Medieval Blacksmith in a Castle

Medieval Blacksmith in a Castle
Member reactions:
This is the factory where the weapons for God were created like it
Amazing, its so perfect pic with best shadow and coloring love the way he is making sword, classy and wonderful

Funny Medieval Master with an Elephant

Medieval Master with an Elephant

Funny Medieval Knight Family

Medieval Knight Family
Member reactions:
Ha even a dog, well done
What would this family without a dog to protect them.
The good looks great, one extra marks for the dog
Thank you all by the nice comments. Special thank to the dog, who bring me that wood

Funny Antonio Banderas as Medieval Warrior

Antonio Banderas as Medieval Warrior
Please view full
Member reactions:
Petty digs don't become you Hitspinner. Oh look at that, a twofer. Hahaha....
i tossed in between this one and rains for the 10..well done Pike..loved it..

Funny Medieval Albert Einstein

Medieval Albert Einstein
Expirimental Textures and mixed illustration.
Member reactions:
True Doxi, this went way, way, way beyond chopping in normal terms. It is what I term a break-out chop in that it is less chop and more illustration where as little or nothing remains of the original sources. I believe it's just about this level of originality where a chop has to be in order to charge for them and stay clear of copyright infringement. Thanks for the comments
Nice work. Just a minor suggestion on a cool chop - check your focal length / depth of field on surrounding elements compared to the primary subject matter.
Iiinterestinggg. Love it, great work and all that ... now if the reflection of the Namesake were a little more diffused ... it'd be PERFECT .
The wise man in the chop seems to be a mixture of Einstein and the author. The eyes and look reminds me some smart dog look (no offense intended - dogs are very smart too.) Good job.
hits your so expressive with your faces i love it. congratulations ..
Full view really shows some awesome textures. Would be nice to see sources so we can see which ones you added. The clarity, detail and color theme is also cool. We're gonna start calling you Woodspinner soon. Congrats on the woody.
Hahahahah yeah, sure have a lot of 4ths, eh. Jezzzze. I must have consumed all my first place trophy allotments in dart, pool and golf tournements. Gettin a friggin complex here hahahahahahaha On the texture sources, I'll probably post a link to them on a server someplace once I get a few more created. I got bogged last night on.... one. Spent two hours on it and still managed to bugger it all up. Should have stopped halfway through when I was ahead of the game. Didn't hit save when the muse screamed.."Save it you idiot"... nope, I said, " But- but it can be improved"... not. hahahah. I'll let ya know. Thanks again
Congrads HS I surprised about this .. I thought it's will be the winner , keep going my friend

Funny Medieval Shooter

Medieval Shooter
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of medieval shooter (image credit Andrea Balducci) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the shooter shoot some objects, making him perform some stunts, putting the medieval shooter into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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