Emergency Medicine Book by Vladimir Putin
Emergency Medicine Book by Vladimir Putin
Emergency Medicine Book by Vladimir Putin. Member reactions:
Congrats, Andrew. One Freakish looking Putin for sure.
Thank you, JimShorts, AWESOME and Mrassad.

Funny Medicine Man Obama

Medicine Man Obama

Funny Monkey Medicine

Monkey Medicine
Member reactions:
Just a possible caption..."Don't Monkey With Medicine".
Love the whole thing but the monkey prisoner toy really sells this image for me.
Idea, composition, attention to fine details (love the torn coat) and execution....all brilliant...
Hilarious-as long as you are not the patient. High marks.
ty guys. lightens, I knew nothing of the sort, but I'd be glad to hear your theory...
I agree with Lightlens. Monkeys are people too. Either ban the funkster or make him bail out by sending his cutouts collection to Jeremix.
hahaha, sorry, I forgot monkeys are people too...
Lightens need to lighten up...Congrats FW
Congrats Funkwood. I think you offered the viewer a surreal view of the World-should the MONKEYS ever gain control. Watch yer' back LightLens.
Thanks all. Yes, as geri pointed out, I was trying to create a parody of our current and possibly future health care system...
wonderful, FW. Ditto to what jeremix said.
Yeh his found a job, it's cleaning out V bank account PMSL.

Funny Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine
wuts in your mind ..
Member reactions:
wuts in your mind .. 3 tiers of sandbox that's in yours. good job.

Funny Obama Medicine Advert

Obama Medicine Advert
This is a parody of an old French advertising for Banania, a popular chocolate drink. Rough translation: "So good for your health, Obamania, the breakfast beverage for the family."
Member reactions:
Good entry though the face looks too contrasted & filtered, the Obama txt could'v had some blurring so it wasn't so crisp to match rest of image.
Thanks Kellie for your comment. I did not read it early enough (before the voting ended) though. I agree with you about Obama's face, but the text is not blurred in my source (original advertising), so I disagree on the second point. Frankly, I did not expect this picture to score so well: I made it very quickly (it was a kind of last minute entry) just for the fun of it and I admit that I could have worked more on Obama's face in particular. There's much more work on my other entry in this contest (Don Bill Cigars), but it has not been as popular as this, alas.
Quality poster work. Obama's nose and teeth have shades of blue which is not present on the rest of his face and hand though
Thank you, NewsMaster. You're right about Obama's nose and teeth. As stated above, I would have worked a lot more on this last minute entry if I had guessed that it had the potential to be a serious contender in this contest. This one was mostly made as a joke...
Hey Paul, I didn't say the txt was blurred in your source I said the txt u made needed blurring so as to match the other, the "O" is way too crisp compared to the source, can u see it now.
Kratos, thank you, mate. ---------- Kellie, about the "O", you're right: it needs some blurring on the edge, indeed. I think that the other letters are fine, but the "O" source (Obama logo) has a dark blue background and I did not rub out it enough as I was in a hurry then.

Funny medicine

Member reactions:
It's also good for illness' you get from eating bad "Flied Lice" Funny...thanks for the early morning chuckle.

Funny Red Elk Medicine Man

Red Elk Medicine Man
R.I.P. Red Elk

Funny Obama Taking Bad Medicine

Obama Taking Bad Medicine

Funny Medicine

Create a new lotion, potion or pill that contains unusual ingredients, or promises to deliver surprising and unheard of results.

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