Mechanical Violin Player
Mechanical Violin Player
Mechanical Violin Player.

Funny Woman in Mechanical Chains

Woman in Mechanical Chains
Member reactions:
Whips, chains and hot women can't be all bad. Full View is best.
all : thanl's
Amazing work here ... Somthingodiferous
Now that's a cyber-woman. Congratulations on the bronze idz. Big welcome onboard the FreakingNews.
Great work friend COngrats on the bronze and keep up fantastic works ...

Funny Motorbike Mechanical Failure

Motorbike Mechanical Failure
Ricco ses "this source picture has been edited enough"

Funny Man Riding Mechanical Horse at Fair

Man Riding Mechanical Horse at Fair
I worked hard to make this look like an actual photo, (and still maintain a sense of humor) I think it looks like he could be there, in the right light. But, you all are the pros so, I will let you be the judge. Hope you like it, and as they say, more fun in full view. Thanks for viewing.
Member reactions:
Looks photo realistic to me. You've done wonderful job with the masking, light and shadows and of course choosing the right main sources.
Thanks, I had fun
Looks great. Nominated for dork or the year.
Background looks more in focus than the subject I c he has an extra long right foot also
Thanks y'all. DDB, the background IS more in focus than the biker, but thats the picture we had to work with, it wasn't in focus to begin with

Funny Mechanical Rhinoceros on the Beach

Mechanical Rhinoceros on the Beach
Member reactions:
Full view shows how impressive this chop really is

Funny Mechanical Lake Monster

Mechanical Lake Monster

Funny Mechanical Clockwork Praying Mantis

Mechanical Clockwork Praying Mantis
sources i think i found all the sources, but u might have to look close to see how i used them, and thanx for the interest.
Member reactions:
It's a freaking beauty - that's what it is. Love the shy red eyes.
Very inventive and unique on what you did with that watch and other assorted parts
looks like alot of hard work, cant believe your not justifying this beauty with some sources
Like Sid said, would love to see the sources on this one. Incredible details.
Incredible job, and I'm sure more then a few hours work.....I would also like to see the sources on this one.....congrats.
I knew this was your chop. It had Funkwood written all over it. Congrats on the gold. Very awesome.
Congrats Funkster...must be parts from a gold watch
Thanx everyone, i feel honored. I like doing these kind, kinda chop and create as I go... Cheers
Congrats funkwood. Another outstanding chop

Funny Hummingbird Mechanical Gramophone

Hummingbird Mechanical Gramophone
Member reactions:
My favorite in this contest. Congratulations, wood.

Funny Mechanical War Bug Grenade

Mechanical War Bug Grenade
Member reactions:
Nice idea . But, if he's flying, the wings are wrong : if he's standing, the shadow's wrong.
great idea but im a bit agree on apraxine observation.
congrats once again, you have a vivid imagination

Funny Mechanical Dragonfly Light

Mechanical Dragonfly Light
Full View Please For Clearer Image
Member reactions:
awsome , i just love it. It goes to my favs
Me likes this a lot. There are some focus conflicts though between mechanical parts and the body parts

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