VWs secret mechanic
VWs secret mechanic
VWs secret mechanic. did merkel cover up vw scandal
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Excellent work. I fixed the link for you (you forgot the quotes there)

Funny Queen with her favorite mechanic in sorties of WWI

Queen with her favorite mechanic in sorties of WWI
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Congrats on the win, they are cute together.

Funny Charles de Solier Mechanic

Charles de Solier Mechanic
Charles de Solier, comte de Morette
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Funny Mechanic Joe Biden with Obama and Putin

Mechanic Joe Biden with Obama and Putin

Funny Little Boy Mechanic

Little Boy Mechanic
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Great turn of kid into a mechanic good job done like his face with marks

Funny Airship Mechanic Woman Fixes Old Car

Airship Mechanic Woman Fixes Old Car
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Lucido5, people of different countries have a different sense of what is humorous, can you please explain what the "humor" you mentioned in this entry is. I'm very curious to know. I can't seem to find anything funny about it.
Stunning piece of work, so well done, can the Author explain if there is a meaning to all the elements you have put together.
Wonderful work, so well done. FWIW humor has meanings other than funny. It may be lost in translation as clever. No need to go Pesci on him. (Goodfellas reference)
Mechanic: a worker who is skilled in the use of tools, machines, equipment, etc. The rest is up to you to decide what it means.
Humor is humor, cleverness is cleverness, I complimented the entry, it's you who went Pesci. " I make you laugh, how am I funny, I amuse you,... (also a quote from Goodfellas)
The whole thing is funny in my opinion. From the ancient car to the things in the sky and the owl. Also the ... y mechanic. Lots of detailed technical work here. Wish I could do it.
Personally I don't see any humour here at all, I do see good PSing tho and a nice image all over.
Full marks to the Master the creator and the perfectioner really great job done excellent detail and the light source used with a wonderful sky work good use of all the sources and very well created the image
All of the humor is in the comments ... funny stuff. Fantastic chopping ... top Mark's
I am in love with that lady...thank you hidden you made is so beautifully
10 out of 10. Phenomenon work done She looks awesome
Congratulations. You are the Mechanic at FN-great work.
congratulations.. Rain..... shes 1 fantastic mechanic..
Thanks all...glad you enjoyed it. Alternate title: We can do it.
" nothing is hotter than a girl with a Wrench " - Salis Congrats Rainman
I've decided that the rest means GOLD. Congrats AZ.

Funny Camel Mechanic

Camel Mechanic
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Poor Camel. Nicely done with the Camel drag tracks and the tire tracks in the sand. Great concept.
Nice. Laughed out loud at this one. At least the tow truck guy is ASE certified. That's a plus.
This is too Hilarious chop what if the camel runs
that's the problem, the camel doesn't run. the lady must have over loaded it and he broke down. But the mechanic will get him running again when he gets him back to the shop.

Funny Mechanics Lesson Tribute to Rembrandt

Mechanics Lesson Tribute to Rembrandt
*...in mechanical oil works wonders
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Good mechanism
Nice way to show the heart transplant procudure followed during olden days, well done to implement this in today's world What the surgen holding, an Oil pumping machine to transplant heart ...
Super chop, technically. Wish it featured a celeb. Though the people in this painting can be considered celebrities too

Funny Paper Car Mechanic

Paper Car Mechanic
Paper cars need mechanics too. (Full view please)
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What are you laughing at. A good handyman can glue everything together. That's my story and I'm stocking to it.

Funny Woman Lifting a Car For Mechanic

Woman Lifting a Car For Mechanic
Almost done Honey...
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Funny idea. You need to clean up the hands a bit - she's got an extra pointer finger...

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