People Meat Dinner
People Meat Dinner
People Meat Dinner. Member reactions:
Bronze Congrats Hobbit. Hilarious great chop.
Haha tat is just wrong Very playful Congrats
Thank's Hitspinner, just thought if I was a Rooster, Chicken or Turkey, that's what they would do to me.

Funny Fake Meat Production

Fake Meat Production
Fake meat sales are growing

Funny Horse Meat in Burgers

Horse Meat in Burgers
Member reactions:
It's so nice to see the creepy King again, Great Work.
It's so nice to see the creepy King again, Great Work.
Quality chop, and I like that tagline "What you din't know didn't hurt you"

Funny Horse Meat Protest

Horse Meat Protest
You're kidding.....right. U.S.D.A. May Approve Horse Slaughter Plant
Member reactions:
No kidding. I am completely confused as to why they would do this.
Nice protest and the wording directly touches heart good one Save the Poor Animal from being Slaughter

Funny Mark Zuckerberg Killing His Own Meat

Mark Zuckerberg Killing His Own Meat
Mark Zuckerberg's Meat Challenge Over: Apparently The CEO Isn't Killing His Own Steaks Anymore
Member reactions:
Please plug the link as per contest directions. Or did you mean to submit this to the Freak Show contest.
Its nice representing work for Hunter here.

Funny Clint Eastwood Questioning Mitt Romney in a Meat Dress

Clint Eastwood Questioning Mitt Romney in a Meat Dress
Member reactions:
This was too hilarous Obama doing Odd jobs and crazy makeover of Romney over that chair well done
O man this is brilliant Idea Mitt's dress also seems made of Mitt of Obama

Funny Rod Blagojevich Fresh Meat

Rod Blagojevich Fresh Meat

Funny Horse Meat in the USA

Horse Meat in the USA
Member reactions:
I've never tried horse yet , but my wife says its better then a reg. cut of meat ...
The Chinese eat Cats & Dogs and looks like Black Beauty is on the Menu, too. The canvas effect works, also.

Funny Lady Gaga Meat Perfume

Lady Gaga Meat Perfume
Member reactions:
the smell of meat in the smells Great work.
I agree with Carl here, great meat chop sun, congrats
Carl, sounds very passionate what you say Thank you so much Paul, Salis..
Clean work with clever concept behind it. Congrats on the silver, Sunshine.

Funny Lady Gagas Meat Dress Beginnings

Lady Gagas Meat Dress Beginnings
i personally think Lady Gaga gets many of her ideas from todays graphic artists
Member reactions:
Fantastic work. I am not sure about the pins with blood on her face though. If I understand correctly the cut out pieces are attached to her photo (layers) not to the live Lady GaGa.
Meat & unbeatable combo. Really does look the the old days, could of been Bardot instead of Gaga. Flippy work as usual.
once I saw the meat, I knew it must be pree, I remembered ur ( meat House ) chop congrats on the win..
that's awesome work prem .. big congrats on the silver cup , keep going
thanks salis yes .. alot of protein went into that abode.
carl... thanks kratos im'a tryin...
Hahaha. Pree Congratulation. It's really funny. It's very creative and really at the old shool method. So I laughed when I saw that. The cow seems terrified ... Bravo.

Funny Meat Mania

Meat Mania
Lady Gaga has really angered PETA this time. The outrageous lady accepted the "Video of the Year" award for "Bad Romance" at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night and she did it in meat dress, meat hat, and meat shoes. She also had a meat purse and she let Cher hold it while accepting the award. Earlier this month, Gaga wore a meat bikini for the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan. Re-design any products or objects by making them partially or fully made of meat.

Funny Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf
American rock singer Meat Loaf (real name Michael Lee Aday) celebrates his 60th birthday today. Despite some ups and downs in his music career (including several bankruptcies) he made some of the best selling albums and records in music history. His debut album "Bat out of Hell", which took Meat Loaf four years to make, sold over 37 million copies worldwide and keeps selling about 200,000 more copies annually. Meal Loaf is also famous internationally, outside of US. In the 80s he has reached an iconic popularity in the United Kingdom and Germany, where he toured a lot. To mark the 60th birthday of Meat Loaf, photoshop him any way you like. Some examples are: showing how Meat Loaf career might be different if he chose another profession or music genre; show how his music would fit the medieval times (in paintings), or photoshop Meat Loaf in the years to come.

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