Connor McGregor
Connor McGregor
Connor McGregor. Irish Mixed Martial Artist, Connor McGregor. Holds two belts (different weight class) in the UFC at the same time.
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Another good chop, congrats on the win, that lizard is a cutie.
Nice work Hits ,,We love McGregor.. He is quite the Character and the heck of a fighter.. "oos"

Funny Ewan McGregor + Johnny Depp

Ewan McGregor + Johnny Depp
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What Luciano said. It is a decent chop MrAssad and apparently good for a cup. I mean no offense, just considerably surprised the judges gave the lack of color continuity and blending a pass. Congrats on the silver. We all deserve a break once in a while. Congrats on the silver
congratulations .. It is hard to vote when the piece itself is really nice,,but blending would be more difficult to do....
Great match - congrats on the silver, mrassad.
Thanks guys ... Excuse me, I have the English is very bad, so do not always get comments

Funny Ewan McGregor Upside Down

Ewan McGregor Upside Down
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You can still see a bit of his original mouth :s

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