Friends at McDonald's
Friends at McDonald's
Friends at McDonald's.

Funny McDonald

News Story Source. Member reactions:
Learning something every day thanks to FN How did they dare to drop Heinz. DThanks for choosing this story.

Funny Uncle Sam as Ronald McDonald

Uncle Sam as Ronald McDonald

Funny Ronald McDonald Pulling French Fries

Ronald McDonald Pulling French Fries
"Well don't just sit there, get those big boots on." . Member reactions:
Excellent work, excellent idea, excellent execution. Good LucK.
Clever concept, mint execution.I would add some shadows under the clown though

Funny Green Ronald McDonald at Mc Paddy's

Green Ronald McDonald at Mc Paddy's
. Member reactions:
thanks guys. I think we all know by now I am an idiot who keeps uploading the wrong ver newsy mate . have a large format version that was the finished one DOH. DOH. DOH.

Funny Ronald McDonald Loses His Girlfriend

Ronald McDonald Loses His Girlfriend
. Member reactions:
I like the idea. Highlights and shadows are a little off, considering the background is a night scene. Just a thought.
Tarkus..thanks for the input..I think I amgetting lazy in my old age.
brilliant concept..this scenario works fantastically well with her sour grapes expression.
Excellent fix. Now it's one if my favorites.
Fleek keeps rocking with his creations.Me likey

Funny Pope and Ronald McDonald Stitched Together

Pope and Ronald McDonald Stitched Together
. Member reactions:
funny, two world religions stuck together

Funny God Ronald McDonald Giving Adam Fries

God Ronald McDonald Giving Adam Fries
. Member reactions:
the Mc thong.

Funny McDonald's Dumping Grounds

McDonald's Dumping Grounds
The Future of Convenient Eating. Member reactions:
Very good, looks like a strange version of Wall-e as a human seal...hehe
Very very twisted...and I'm putting it on my refrigerator ....
It's a freakishly wonderful chop.scary a tad too, if we take it as a warning for future generations.
Should be placed near the Calorie chart in the restaraunt.
Congrtat Sid, excellent work...has a lot of impact in it's message.
I think I'd rather say it's f---ing gross hahahahaha Before the flippers registered I though it was some sort of alien maggot. Ha. Anyway, it really does have a poingant message grads on the cup
Great job SidKain, congrats on the silver
hahaha damn poor mcdonalds,,,,great chop preeeeemie

Funny Barack Obama as Ronald McDonald

Barack Obama as Ronald McDonald
He'd look like a clown..... Member reactions:
Quality work. White McHouse.Love Obama's new suit
Beautiful image and the choppers are soooo real. Nice job HIDDEN.
Thanks all, that's what we all look like after 10 years in a cave.
Congrats on the double Rainman, great job.
This one sort of skirts the contest rules but technically is impressive.
I knew it's was your teacher great one and congrats on the bronze
..just amazing nothing to say else

Funny McDonald's New Menu

McDonald's New Menu
McDonald's openly admitted that their service deteriorated... the reason being - too many items added on the menu too fast. Adding new Quarter Pounders, Egg White Delight McMuffins, Premium McWraps, and blueberry pomegranate smoothies between Match and July seriously complicated the operations of the restaurants and slowed down their service, said the burger giant's spokesman. The result is the lowest customer satisfaction in 15 years, according to the survey of 14,000 McDonald's customers. Design a new McDonald's menu with some edible or inedible items.

Funny If McDonald's Ruled

If McDonald's Ruled
This year McDonald's celebrates the 40th anniversary of its mascot Ronald McDonald. The original McDonald's mascot (from 1940 till 1968) was a man with a chef's hat on top of a hamburger shaped head, named Speedee. The amount of McDonald's advertisement spendings over the years of operation is second to no other business in the world. Ronald McDonald is recognized by 96% of pre-school kids in the United States, which is the highest recognition after Santa Claus. Show what life would be like if McDonald's ruled the world. Some examples are: design new menu items for McDonald's, new advertising posters, give McDonald's theme to movies and paintings, turn any famous places into McDonald's restaurants, turn celebrities and politicians into Ronald McDonald or make them work at McDonald's, etc. Here's a good example.

Funny McDonald's

Are you loving the "I'm lovin' it" McDonald's slogan? It's time for a change. Help McDonald's out by creating a new slogan for the company and design an advertisement promoting it.

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