We Will Get You A McDonalds Too
 We Will Get You A McDonalds Too
We Will Get You A McDonalds Too. Can I Get some Fries With That.

Funny McDonalds

They Deliver to your door
Member reactions:
Great job with space station build and burger image. Silver congrats.

Funny McDonald's Pi Sign

McDonald's Pi Sign

Funny Groundhogs at McDonald's

Groundhogs at McDonald's
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Top 5 congrats Duane,funny chop
Movin on up^^^^^^ Top 5 HH. Congrats mate.

Funny Chewbacca at McDonalds

Chewbacca at McDonalds
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McDonalds sees this they might just copy your idea. Well done and congrats on the silver, Evirio

Funny Overweight David Beckham Eating McDonalds

Overweight David Beckham Eating McDonalds
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Awesome most of his fan will love this posture.

Funny Robert Gibbs as Ronald McDonald

Robert Gibbs as Ronald McDonald
Ex White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, cashin' in on flavor. Sources Used Hi-Rez View
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Excellent work... good shadowing and nice finish
Dunno who or what this guy looks like but sure love the chop... Very well done and presented.
Nice to see you back again. Hope you stick around. Always enjoy your work.
David. Welcome back stranger...... Congrats on the silver. It's great to see you back and dropping in another A+++ chop. You have been sorely missed. I had to look this guy up. I guess Carney replaced him. I thought Carney was the first Press Secretary. Duhhh, out of touch as usual
Thanks all, it's great to be back. I'm glad so many of my old chopping buddies are still here. This was my first attempt (I think) at clown face. Wanderer, I've missed being called KIR LunaC, I always enjoy your work too, congrats on the gold. Hitspinner, your chops are outrageously good as ever, and I appreciate you contacting me. NewsMaster, I always appreciate your comments and marvel at your discriminating eye and niceness . I plan to submit more entries as the 2016 election season heats up. There's so much to mock out there it's irresistible. Chop on.
Congrats on the silver, KIR. How awesome to see you again... yes it'd be great to see you political chops for the 2016 elections.

Funny Marlboro McDonald's Manchester United Man

Marlboro McDonald's Manchester United Man
Member reactions:
The French fry in the mouth dipped in ketchup is hysterical.
Hard to insert a so big french fry in a so small ketchup bottle. Details....
I would just focus on McDonald's and cigarettes here though... Manchester United is unneeded I think (unless there's some connection between them that I am unaware of).

Funny Honest Bob McDonald

Honest Bob McDonald
Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Convicted On 11 Counts Of Corruption
Member reactions:
He's such a loser that he's wearing a shirt with loser misspelled.
Just like Blagojevich - he went from hero to zero in no time

Funny Russian McDonalds Serving Vodka

Russian McDonalds Serving Vodka
Member reactions:
Clever idea... include some Russian wines into the menu and get saved
Nice, but promo has some problem of perspective.

Funny Russian McDonald's

Russian McDonald's
In response to the latest round of anti-Russian sanctions, the Kremlin is closing down some American businesses operating in Russia. McDonald's was the first American company that opened in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and now it's under fire. The Russian authorities closed down several McDonald's fast food chains in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, citing "unsatisfactory hygiene conditions". Apparently, these McDonald's chains all of a sudden failed the Russian hygiene standards, after consistently satisfying them for years. The irony here is that most McDonald's places in Russia are not even owned by Americans but by local Russian businessmen, since it's a franchise business. Yet the Kremlin thinks that McDonald's is associated with the US, and thus needs to be shown the door. We wonder when they will start banning iPhones and Windows, since they are also evil American products? Perhaps McDonald's in Russia could survive by integrating with Russia more. Let's Russianize McDonald's in any possible ways. Some examples are - show new Russian McDonald's menu including Russian products symbols, turn any Russian places into McDonald's restaurants, dress up any famous Russians as Ronald McDonald, etc.

Funny McDonald's New Menu

McDonald's New Menu
McDonald's openly admitted that their service deteriorated... the reason being - too many items added on the menu too fast. Adding new Quarter Pounders, Egg White Delight McMuffins, Premium McWraps, and blueberry pomegranate smoothies between Match and July seriously complicated the operations of the restaurants and slowed down their service, said the burger giant's spokesman. The result is the lowest customer satisfaction in 15 years, according to the survey of 14,000 McDonald's customers. Design a new McDonald's menu with some edible or inedible items.

Funny If McDonald's Ruled

If McDonald's Ruled
This year McDonald's celebrates the 40th anniversary of its mascot Ronald McDonald. The original McDonald's mascot (from 1940 till 1968) was a man with a chef's hat on top of a hamburger shaped head, named Speedee. The amount of McDonald's advertisement spendings over the years of operation is second to no other business in the world. Ronald McDonald is recognized by 96% of pre-school kids in the United States, which is the highest recognition after Santa Claus. Show what life would be like if McDonald's ruled the world. Some examples are: design new menu items for McDonald's, new advertising posters, give McDonald's theme to movies and paintings, turn any famous places into McDonald's restaurants, turn celebrities and politicians into Ronald McDonald or make them work at McDonald's, etc. Here's a good example.

Funny McDonald's

Are you loving the "I'm lovin' it" McDonald's slogan? It's time for a change. Help McDonald's out by creating a new slogan for the company and design an advertisement promoting it.

Funny McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks

McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks
Walmart, Starbucks, McDonalds, and any other store may appear in unusual places. Where will we see them next? Create images of any popular store in unusual places.

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