Vladimir Putin the Ronald McDonald Clown
Vladimir Putin the Ronald McDonald Clown
Vladimir Putin the Ronald McDonald Clown. Member reactions:
Waiting for a letter that won't ever arrive.
Funny concept. Putin's face is a bit large for that head though

Funny Russian Ronald McDonald

Russian Ronald McDonald
Member reactions:
Great job overall. I would change the uniform for a Russian uniform, and would not do the lost tooth, as it looks as much of a cliche as crossed eyes or pimples.
Thanks guys. New edits. I am not aiming for Russian Military Vlad...
Awesome... Like the uniform in yellow and black with a gun logo imprinted
Out of the box. Amazing concept and work.I like this chop.
Excellent Nicely done Good the see the lady behind..
Thank you Bob, 420, Doc, Elegary, Champ, Luciano, Eric, Rajesh, Nanny, Pat and Newsey. As a point of trivia, I actually ate at that first McDonalds in 91. We had to eat on the American side as it was split in two areas. The line out the door on the Russian side stretched two or more blocks down the street.
Congratz Hitspinner ... What a terrific Ronald ...
This is Freaking News Fantastic, you're tops to me, love your work. Congrats on the win.
So many thanks Hobbit, Armatien I love layers and Wanderer

Funny McDonald's Honest Job Advert

McDonald's Honest Job Advert
Member reactions:
Good one, but need to correct "holydays" for holidays, and change a colon for a full stop in ".com"
In Reality McDonald's pays twice as much as Wal-mart.

Funny Russian Sanctions Closing Last McDonald's in Moscow

Russian Sanctions Closing Last McDonald's in Moscow
Russian (sanctions) proverb - "Get my ears frostbitten so my Grandmother will suffer."
Member reactions:
Maybe after demolishing all McDonald's they will start building McPutin's. Putin's face expression is nicely fitting this chop.
Putin works well in here, awesome job Wanderer..

Funny The New McDonalds Russian Franchise

The New McDonalds Russian Franchise
That really IS Vladamir Putin behind the clown makeup.
Member reactions:
Hahaha, brilliant. "Home of the you WILL be happy meal." Putin is hard to recognize (perhaps make the makeup more transparent), but that's a minor thing compared to the overall brilliance
Yuk. A herring sandwich. I'll just have the borscht shake thank you.
Good work in changing the name... like the pinch stick with a Russian flavor good one

Funny The Last McDonalds Hamburger in Russia

The Last McDonalds Hamburger in Russia
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Who's pointing the gun at him. You did something to his eyes that it's harder to recognize him.
Congrats on the Bronze, Wanderer. Fantastic

Funny Vladimir Putin's McDonalds Drive Thru

Vladimir Putin's McDonalds Drive Thru
Now Serving Crimea. Franchises available soon in Ukraine.
Member reactions:
Now with free man-meaty goodness tail Molotov with every order of Big Mac and fries.

Funny Putin Working at McDonalds

Putin Working at McDonalds
Member reactions:
quality work done Good to see the burger height.
Kudos for photo-realism. Nanny, the "little" guy is Silvio Berlusconi, the Italy's ex prime minister.

Funny McDonalds Propganda

McDonalds Propganda
Member reactions:
Very clean well done piece, menu & prices a great idea..

Funny Grand McDonalds Opening in Russia

Grand McDonalds Opening in Russia
Member reactions:
Very well done, congrats on the wood, Luciano.
Congrats on the wood lucianomorelli Though the people on either side should be lower than the people in the middle unless the street is bowed in the middle.
Let no Russian ever pass up a good deal hahahaa Great job and congrats

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