John McCain Arresting Vladimir Putin
John McCain Arresting Vladimir Putin
John McCain Arresting Vladimir Putin. Remake movie of "COOL HAND LUKE" with Paul Newman.
Member reactions:
Great satire here but is it based on any movie or artwork like the contest directions ask. Consider editing it or saving for the next Freak Show.
Remake of "Cool Hand Luke" with Paul Newman.

Funny John McCain and Vladimir Putin Hybrid

John McCain and Vladimir Putin Hybrid
John McPutin
Member reactions:
He looks sick. Lucky for both that they don't resemble this image. Good work but...eeeuuwww.
Ha, Thanks for the "eeeuuwww." (almost as good as a "Yikes"

Funny John McCain's America

John McCain's America
Right John
Member reactions:
McCain in my opinion is a traitor to this great nation and needs to just quietly go away. ; )

Funny Benedict John McCain

Benedict John McCain
Member reactions:
Amazing texture like currency and the contrast is very well managed
Thanks. Not as easy as it would seem. ; )
Magnificent blending - especially that it certainly was non-trivial

Funny John McCain and Son

John McCain and Son

Funny Brack Obama and John McCain in 300 Movie

Brack Obama and John McCain in 300 Movie
Member reactions:
McCain looks so typically submissive. Yikes.... Nice Swap.
Obama looking awesome..... the New apocalypse look given to him Biden looks like a real hero.... nice chop

Funny McCain And Palin Together Again

McCain And Palin Together Again
Member reactions:
Great work like the pose Palin shows and the cute mouse inside the hat very funny
Very interesting magic show hanging lady and the legend fantastic use of source with clean and professional work
Excellent job. Your work gave me a strange thought; If John was an animal he definitely would be a rabbit.
Silver congrats Pcr, it's my favorite in the contest, great work.
HA.. Old Mr. P. Strikes Again, Congrats Buddy..

Funny Chuck Schumer with John McCain's Head

Chuck Schumer with John McCain's Head
John McCain Insults Long Island, Says Chuck Schumer Can't Take A Joke
Member reactions:
Nice woek,...Some blood dripping from the severed head would've been a nice touch
Thanks guys and Funk I thought I would back off the gore a little this time.

Funny John McCain Playing a Saxophone

John McCain Playing a Saxophone
John McCain Tooting His Horn

Funny Michele Bachmann Stabbing John McCain and Burning Geithner

Michele Bachmann Stabbing John McCain and Burning Geithner
Bachmann, McCain & Geithner - Inspired by McCain's Mordor comment. Hi-Rez View Sources
Member reactions:
One of my favorite McCain pics on the interwebs. I laugh every time I see it 'Strange John McCain' by johnx1
Wonderful stuff . . . quite polished indeed . Love that McCain pic also . . .
Golden congratulations . . . you've made excellent work of it . . .
Congrats on the gold. There are more sources in this than I have chops.
Still practicing that old black magic I see, congrads on the cup.
Golden congrats, amazing beautiful perfect piece.
Ultra clean-(as usual for you). Have long been an admirer of your work.
Thanks Freaking News. It was a horse race & lots of fun. Many great works in this contest. Best to all. deaddog, I was going for the record number of sources . Isn't there a prize for that.
Congrats on the gold for this wonderful political art, KIR.

Funny John McCain Wins GOP Nomination

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination
After Republican presidential candidate John McCain successfully secured his GOP nomination, President George W. Bush gave his endorsement to McCain. Meeting with McCain and his wife at the White House, Bush junior said that McCain is a true Republican and would make a great country leader and commander-in-chief. At the same time many analysts think that blessings from Bush would actually drop McCain's ratings, since Bush has the lowest support ratings of all times, and associating with Bush is not the best thing at the moment. Photoshop anything related to John McCain winning the GOP nomination, his future possible presidency, and running mate. Some examples are: motivational & demotivational posters with McCain, old paintings showing "Christening" of McCain by GOP leaders, his election posters with his running mate, etc.

Funny John McCain

John McCain
Senator John McCain announced that he will run for president of the United States during the Late Show with David Letterman. McCain said the announcement was no joke and should be taken seriously. The formal announcement will follow on April Fool's Day. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to senator John McCain running for president of United Sates. E.g. show McCain in his presidential campaign, choose his running mate or show what president he'll make.

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