Canadian Mayor Rob Ford Caricature
Canadian Mayor Rob Ford Caricature
Canadian Mayor Rob Ford Caricature. here lies Rob Ford, Mayor of Canadas biggest city, Toronto, and a polarizing figure at that. Some of his off the wall comments include such great hits as" orientals are taking over because they are such hard workers" and just ask him about how he feels about cyclists. Ford also drew some negative press from when he confronted a newspaper reporter for snooping around his property. You can tell he is a conservative thru and thru, and when asked to join in the annual gay pride parade he declined at first. The one thing that I do admire about the man is that he does speak his own mind, never afraid to speak it. Just not always the appropriate thing to say. I guess he's human after all. As for all those freaking news friends who are not aware of canadian mayors I hope that this just gives a taste of what this man is like. I know there are quite a few freaking news members who do live in the toronto area who are probably experts on Rob Ford and his accomplishments. Cheers
Member reactions:
Fantastic work on this , but one thing (No disrespect intended) I would change the fat mans body with something more clearer.
part of his hand is covered in dark because of the shadow his head produces..... also some of the filters used muted the overall crispness of his body, not to mention there is a table in front of his body which obscures the view but all in all i am satisfied with the result. I'm more afraid of someone voting it low because its not a person freaking news is used to seeing.
Great job to put him in this caricatured image like the way the Bong's were set with fume over the place and poor kid to pitty to see them great job to present the Mayor
thanks guys and gals for all your comments
Way to go robinbobin , Silver Congrats ...
Congratulations on the Silver RobinBobin. Great Job on the Fat-Man Caricature. *~}{~*
Anoither flight of twisted wild photoshoppery from robinbobin. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Mayor Bloomberg The Littlest Dictator of New York

Mayor Bloomberg The Littlest Dictator of New York
A Ban Too Far
Member reactions:
Funny. And, he's really about that size.
I think his brain is addled;funny chop. Good luck.
Good news link yes banning of trans-fat and restrict of colas in hotels were a good move towards a Healthy World good thought displayed in this chop
Very nice work its so clear I like this show
As long as Christina hendricks isn't banned from anything, I'm pretty well OK with any law.
Awesome work. Great to see you back Maksim.

Funny Naked Mayor

Naked Mayor
... Cowboy Runs For Mayor of NYC
Member reactions:
I heard that guy makes a ton of money doing his ... cowboy thing, he would be taking a huge pay cut. He also got a huge settlement from M&M Mars for supposedly millions when they used his likeness in their advertising. He does hold a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati.
Are you serious. that makes it all the better.

Funny The Mayor of London Book

The Mayor of London Book

Funny Mayor Ray Nagin in Oz

Mayor Ray Nagin in Oz
"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...." After winning the lawsuit Mayor Nagin has enough money to pave his streets in gold. Dorothy, as ususal, is lost.
Member reactions:
Did you do a colorization job too here. If so, great work on coloring too.
Yes I did NewsMaster. It was really a fast color job (it was a last minute inspiration to do this image and I didn't have much time) so I didn't want to bring notice to what I felt was a rushed part of the picture. Thank you for your comment.

Funny Mayor

Mayor Columbus of Columbus

Funny Masty Mayor of Puerto Rico

Masty Mayor of Puerto Rico
Member reactions:
No, No,,, It's not the picture. She really is blurry. Just like BigFoots are.

Funny Mayor Adam west grave

Mayor Adam west grave
Mayor Adam west is dead, who will run Quahog now .

Funny Ex-Mayors Koch and Giullani with Bloomberg on a Bridge

Ex-Mayors Koch and Giullani with Bloomberg on a Bridge
Ex-Mayors Koch and Giullani join now Mayor Bloomberg for a stroll. Maybe selling the old bridge could bring some revenue to the city.

Funny Mayor Bllomberg Carrying a Big Gulp Soda

Mayor Bllomberg Carrying a Big Gulp Soda
Gagging the Gulp.

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