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Funny Mayans Pictures

Mayan American Mural San ColaFunny Mayan American Mural San Cola
Member reactions:

i like this bc it took me a minute to get it and then i laughed.
Lot of funky creatures added in this art work... and the usage of coco-cola is really very interesting

Member reactions:

If BERLUSCONI returns, for Italy it will be really the END of the WORLD. December 9, 2012. Italy's Berlusconi vows to run for prime minister again
Good placement of space objects and Pyramid with starry background and Some kinda tattoo of Astrological sign on his face is really an eye catcher, Good work
Mindblowing Excellent idea. Creative job done
Doomsday is getting closer and this pic makes other to believe that which was a myth great composition of planets targeting each other to save themselves from the asteroid attack What if Berlusconi returns to power again.... for this we need to wait and watch the game

Nostradamus and Mayan ProphetsFunny Nostradamus and Mayan Prophets
Member reactions:
"REFRESH THE PAGE PLEASE" I put together with Maya Nostradamus to give a more dramatic tone ... The final prophecy of the Maya began the September 11, 2001 ... the end of time is marked on December 21, 2012 .... have fun guys ... we still have only a year ..... and then "booooooom ".... blow up the world ... and it's all over ... game over. hehehehehehehe HAVE FUN GUYS... see the 22 images I have used in my work:
Nice work, this one really needs to be viewed in full to truly appreciate all the work involved
thank you disaster my friend... yes in full wiev ... we see all the details and all the work and effort i put into my work. thanks again, i appreciated very much for this comment
Fantastic composition. Really well done
Grats on the woody Ricky. Well done. Definitely a lot going on in this chop. Nicely put together.
I like a lot the fire and the explosions, congrats Ricky.
nice one ricky congrats on the woody ..
Ricky, you freaking created another masterpiece here. Love how you combined Maya predictions with Nostradamus prophecies here. Congrats on the wood.

Mayans Run From SunFunny Mayans Run From Sun
Member reactions:

Looks like a scene from Apocalypto, gr8 movie good chop
I just saw it, incredible film. Thank you
Great composition well executed. Love how you did the motion effect

Creepy Mayan PriestFunny Creepy Mayan Priest
Member reactions:

creepy but cool. should've placed better....
Thanks Funkwood. It was doing fine for most of the contest then a few came in and killed it. Tisk tisk It was overworked to death anyway.
good stuff with a ton of work here HiTs... another low score
I sure do love that face. What would have helped this one ,in my opinion, is if it was a bit taller with some more sky with a crazy spaceship or something.
, I think my indecision probably telegraphed through this one. I have about six different versions of it and not really happy with any. But I threw it out there just to get a pulse on it, mainly the Mayan. Incan theme. I have done a few chops of Mayan subject matter that just don't tap into people's interest much. But that culture fascinates me for some reason and I'll still chop it if I get an inkling. I got a feeling that race is going to be resurected in some form someday. I can agree with that, Jman. Sounds about right. Thanks gang
It's twisted and superbly done. Classic Hitspinner art

From China Wall to Mayan TempleFunny From China Wall to Mayan Temple
Member reactions:

Taj MayanFunny Taj Mayan
Member reactions:

Cool concept, but the Taj part looks somewhat flat

Mayan 2012Funny Mayan 2012
Member reactions:

Source The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012
You put a lot of time and THOUGHT into this and it shows. Congrats.
Please upload your source images to your media folder and place the link in your author comments. Your source image is not to be posted along with your contest image.
Quality work, but Deb is right that the source images need to be put as a link. I edited your entry accordingly.
Thank you Deb and NM. Author Comments... ahhhh I see now. I had that all muddled up and you can't believe the frustration. I tried like 5 times to post it correctly and finally bailed in exasperation. Reading directions is simply out of the question, as I am male, egocentric, bull-headed and permanently confused. Thank you for the help. And thank you illogic, that means a lot coming from you.
Very creative, glad u put source in before i voted too

Mayan Temple Currency IllusionFunny Mayan Temple Currency Illusion
Member reactions:

The Mayan Temple "Gran Jaguar" and the guatemalan 50-cent bill... Thx for your comments.

Mayan PyramidFunny Mayan Pyramid
Member reactions:

I don't understand where the pun is here.

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