Green Witch Maxine Waters Takes Over...
Green Witch Maxine Waters Takes Over...
Green Witch Maxine Waters Takes Over.... Member reactions:
Looks Great, she is One Evil Person, she fits in any evil scene.

Funny Maxine Waters and Farrakhan

Maxine Waters and Farrakhan
Member reactions:
Like two peas in a pod. Great work, Bronze Congrats.

Funny Maxine takes a Selfie

Maxine takes a  Selfie
Member reactions:
Awesome job with OOB Selfie, Hobbit. Silver congrats.
Unique Chop'n. Congrats on the Silver, Hobbit.

Funny Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters

Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters

Funny Assembly Impeachment Robot `Maxine 01`

Assembly Impeachment Robot `Maxine 01`
Member reactions:
Already looks natural included bad smell from mouth. Missing only long tongue in the assembly.
Let me Super Glue her Tongue to the palate of her mouth.
Donít worry there are a lot of profecional assemblers in Democratís party to complet that job.
Impeachment overload, Obama dialing back the hate. Lol, nice work.
Crafty, I don't know length of Barack Hussein. All hand is behind of his body. Should I add second mirror to see his back.
I know robot should have only one wire in the assembly.
Congrats on the Bronze, Andrew. Obama has only one long arm. It reaches clear around his back side. Just call him "Lefty" ...
Congrats on your win, still would like to glue her tongue to her palate.
Congrats on the Bronze Wander, nicely done.

Funny Maxine, It's Timpeach, Not Impeach.

Maxine, It's Timpeach, Not Impeach.
Impeach is the only word she knows.
Member reactions:
Silver Congrats Hobbit. Mad Maxine strikes again.
Congrats on the Silver Cup, Hobbit. Close one. Really Great Chop'N.

Funny Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters

Funny Maxine's Tattoo

Maxine's Tattoo

Funny Maxine, let Bill O

Maxine, let Bill O

Funny Maxine Waters, the Loud One.

Maxine Waters, the Loud One.
Member reactions:
Neat and clean, but could do with out the turd

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