Jeneral James Mattis
Jeneral James Mattis
Jeneral James Mattis. george dawe portraits
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Awesome, Mad Dog, looks great in that uniform.

Funny Commander James Mattis Caricature

Commander James Mattis Caricature
Top US commander arrives in Pak amid tensions Road to Peace Road to Peace
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It's a shame that this won since you gave everyone 4s.
Congratulations on the Gold, but I cant understand why you gave all the other images in the contest a 4.
Just what I thought........
I will say that these were great entries Marco, though it is so very easy for other authors to see your voting strategy of late, you build karma in contests you do not enter, then use that karma to vote others down, 14 votes of 4 in this contest.. Sry mate but that's just wrong, and in my opinion makes your wins pretty empty to the rest of the FN community also.
"What goes around-comes around.Stay tuned-News at 11." Congratulations on the Win.
Hmmm....sort of like a 100 meters race at the Olympics....and one of the runners tied all the other competitors shoelaces together before the starting gun went off. Bit sad that has to happen when that person is quite capable of winning with "honor" if he chose Kell said, all were well done entries....but yeh o_0
Totally unfair to all the rest of the entries. I once voted unfair (because of my inflated ego of my own entries) but got chewed out by many of the Jurors & admins.. Being told that you vote only 4 on everyones entry is BAD KARMA ,plus does'nt do you any good down the road . Now you only have 1 point of Karma to your name . Try voting honestly or do'nt vote at all .....
What did you say ... Your english is very broken .
I have spoken privately with you PSM on several occasions & did show u how 2 vote correctly & build karma, just feels like u used wat info I gave u to meet your own needs, not that of the community/spirit of FN :/

Funny General Mattis Takes Over

General Mattis Takes Over
General Mattis takes below link here
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need to put into bracket then paste URL or click here
hey thanks Hohouse, it took an hour but i finally googled how to do it and found something else i wanna learn cool..
Mattis good old policy: Shoot first, ask questions later Cool chop.

Funny General Mattis Goat

General Mattis Goat
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The goatee is somewhat blurry. Wish the whole goat head was of higher resolution too

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