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Funny Matrix Pictures

The MATRIX: ReevesLoadedFunny The MATRIX: ReevesLoaded
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I know the contest calls for chopping an actor but I chose Keanu Reeves anyway...

Steve Jobs in The MatrixFunny Steve Jobs in The Matrix
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The quips/puns are: "Unload", as in use the bathroom, for an Apple reloaded contest, which is a play on the movie "Matrix Reloaded". "Can" is slang for a "toilet". Finally, apples are a natural laxative.
Great chop, great pun, took sometime to get it
Congrats on the gold Rainman, awesome concept and very punny.
Thanks all Now will you take the red one or the blue one.
Congrats Rain, I'm with rwpike...I had to read this a few times before it clicked....hahahahah

American Gothic Matrix PortalFunny American Gothic Matrix Portal
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Man the Gothic couple looks totally cool in shades and long coats. Especially the guy - he's natural Neo.
haha, love how you used american gothic in this..
Congrats on the wood OneLostHippie, great work.
Thanks everyone....sometimes I have a moment...few and far between, but it happens. See ya on the next contest...good luck.
great onelosthippie , congrats on the woody

The Matrix Digital ArtFunny The Matrix Digital Art
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please watch it in full view woman stock sources
Actually I worried about this one more than any of them. This is excellent work. My only comment is too much free space, Jere. It might have worked better in portrait format, but I don't know. It's captivating as is.
Quess you and i were the only ones who liked it then. Thanks...oh , and congrats mate.

Patrick Swayze in the MatrixFunny Patrick Swayze in the Matrix
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Due to budget restraints and a complete lack of interest, a movie called "Point Break" was slated to be released in 1992 but never made it to the silver screen. It was to star Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in a surfer dude skydiving FBI chasing criminal caper. After a hiatus, Swayze found work years later as the savior of humanity in the Matrix trilogy. No one has heard from Keanu Reeves since Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.
Nice.. Swayze and Reeves also screenmates in Youngblood.
They were in talks to do a sequel to Point Break where Bodie was still following the waves but he was dying and reached out to Johnny Utah to make amends. I think everyone knew that this would never happen, but it was in talks at one point. And supposedly Keanu agreed to do it if Patrick was in.
Point Break is one of my favorite movies. Decent chop
well nice work bruceokellogg and big welcome to freakingnews keep up great works

Harry Potter in the MatrixFunny Harry Potter in the Matrix
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Teeth Biting on MatrixFunny Teeth Biting on Matrix
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bZzzzt. Got a charge out of this one, . Don't tell Locutus ....

Charlie Chaplin in the MatrixFunny Charlie Chaplin in the Matrix
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Excellent job and Matrix the silence.
Congrtas on your first medal anavrin. Great chop. In my first comment I led, but not because it's funny, but from delight. I definitely see Charlie in a different light in this image.
Thank you so much guys. You make me feel proud.
I just noticed it was your first trophy, so double congrats anavrin... You should be proud because it is a very nice chop, keep up the good work...
Silver congratulations, Anavril, and congrats on your first trophy. Woo Hoo.

The Matrix MusicalFunny The Matrix Musical
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The Matrix Has Your HeartFunny The Matrix Has Your Heart
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The MatrixFunny The Matrix - Show that The Matrix is "all around us", by either showing Matrix Characters in everyday life, or by putting politicians / celebrities in Matrix Environment.

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