Chess Mate!
Chess Mate!
Chess Mate!. Member reactions:
High marks for concept. Could be a political cartoon.
Thanks guys... I made the chess board on 3dsmax
Very creative symbolism well played eduenrojas

Funny Running mates?

Running mates?
news link
Member reactions:
You should learn to post your link so we don't have to copy and paste it. 😀

Funny Rabbit Beetles Mating in a Tree

Rabbit Beetles Mating in a Tree
Member reactions:
they,,,,,,, #$% just like ....
Just looks like they #%ng do indeed...

Funny Obama's Perfect Mate

Obama's Perfect Mate
Barry and Michelle have split. Obama had scientist clone him the perfect mate. They can also switch clothes and take each others place at different functions
Member reactions:
Excellent merge... looks naturally blended and real work
Thank you so much Rajeshtar :0) mean a lot coming from you
I fixed your avatar, Gary. Merry Christmas.
ok....... Had no idea it was broke but thank you anyway :0)

Funny Rugby Players Carrying Team Mate with the Ball

Rugby Players Carrying Team Mate with the Ball

Funny The Clintons Help Romney Decide His Running Mate

The Clintons Help Romney Decide His Running Mate
It's up to Mitt, who will he choose.
Member reactions:
Nice way of gesturing and commenting on others

Funny Rod Blagojevich's Cell Mate

Rod Blagojevich's Cell Mate
Member reactions: chop.....Blago and Bubba. Where's Bubba's belly-button tho..
Thanks, it's right behind the belt buckle...I know, he's got a low one
What a comment Hidden
Very nicely done . . . great lighting FX and perspective and my, what a nice view they have One nitpick: The wall in the corner looks overly blurred, almost like it's melting especially in contrast to how well defined the teddy bear is. IMO
Ty, good eye, I was messing with that area covering up an unwanted shadow under the shelf...I often wonder how much Little flaws like that affect a score or if voters are more concerned with humor, factor and overall eye appeal. I often observe voters engaging in backscratching rather than objective critiquing...which is OK I guess.
congrats Funkwood nice work,, love the peepee stain
It's a freaking beauty. Gotta luv how you did the prison teddy Congrats on the silver, funk.
Congrats Funk. This is why you want to stay out of jail.

Funny Mating Groundhog

Mating Groundhog
Member reactions:
ohh haha ... dont burn her leg mr. groundhog .
Oh boy, she should have read the sign. Hilarious.
I think he says: caution, this chick belongs to me. Love it.
a gal in the woods dressed like that, ol' Mr Groundhog may need six more weeks of penicillin. ain't kiddin'. Good one.
Crack up every time I look at this one
Thanks, blooddiamond...Thanks, JustinPhx...Thanks, macwithfries...Thanks, Kratos.
congrats. still chuckling when i look at this one.
congratsss pcrdds ,,, hes very cute and sure knows what hes doing.... Oui Oui .
rolling on the floor with laughter...the dogs must be training them.
Thanks, Evirio...thanks Rainman...thanks Hitspinner...thanks BRAW...thanks Sunshin3.
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. as a bonus you get a ticket to France and a cool French cap.
Thanks, Newsy. Can I trade my ticket to France for one to Hawaii and a Lei.
ring. ring...."Call on 'Leg-1' for Pepe Le Pew." Congrats.

Funny George Michael and Phil Spector Cell Mates

George Michael and Phil Spector Cell Mates
George Michael and Phil Spector are very happy to be cellmates
Member reactions:
This could their big comeback collaboration.

Funny Mating Grasshoppers

Mating Grasshoppers

Funny Running Mate

Running Mate
Whom will John Kerry choose as his running mate - Vice President. Photoshop how you see Kerry and his mate campaigning together, or design an advertising campaign for them.

Funny Running Mate for John Kerry

Running Mate for John Kerry
Select a Vice President for John Kerry and design an election poster for them to use in this year's Presidential race. Use celebrities or politicians and feel free to create a "theme" for their election campaign.

Funny Howard Dean's Running Mate

Howard Dean's Running Mate
Use your imagination to find Dean's running mate - Vice President, should Dean win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Funny If They Mated

If They Mated
Create the offsprings of politicians and politicians or politicians and celebrities - if they mated. E.g. how would illegitimate children look of Colin Powell and Britney Spears? ... of G. W. Bush and Hillary Clinton?

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