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Funny Mascots Pictures

FN Motors mascotFunny FN Motors mascot
Member reactions:

Awesome space exploration stunt great view of space and FN rules there also
Felt like playing a game very well executed
WoW a super ships Is that number toll free from earth
congratulations on the woodie ((robinbobin))
Wild tiger stuff, and great FN reference Congrats on the wood, robin.

Cat Playing Football and His MascotFunny Cat Playing Football and His Mascot
Member reactions:

Sweet work Congrats on the woody Sunshine.
DD I think I had luck there were many beautiful entries, thanks everybody for the congrats..

Soccer Mascot on FieldFunny Soccer Mascot on Field
Member reactions:
See in Mucho Grande
...take away the gun and he's kinda cute Nice chop
awesome work , looks like winner for me
..TY How about a squirt gun.
Quite a creation here. the drooling gun.
Damdamdam had a little nap and slept right on through the voting. Yep Newsy, quite a creation, no swap-outs, pretty much built into existance. Thanks mate and thanks for the votes
Congrats on the bronze Hitspinner, very original and well done.
Haha..Itīs the most strange "mascot" i have ever seen here...congratulations.

Jack in the Box Mascot Wearing MaskFunny Jack in the Box Mascot Wearing Mask
Member reactions:

Free flu mask with every kids meal purchase.
Love how you made the mask cartoonish too. Looks like a real photo too - may work as a photo hoax.

Fastfood Mascot StrikeFunny Fastfood Mascot Strike
Member reactions:

The humiliation factor is very high in this line of work. Full View for Details, please.
Quality work, but I would add shadows from the group on the fries.
That was a lot of work, surprised you didn't place higher.
I liked this entry Luna. Very funny and a good chop.

Political MascotsFunny Political Mascots
Member reactions:

Thanks to Science we now have new Political Mascots
Man, this is prehistoric politics return. Love this entry.

MascotFunny Mascot
Member reactions:

The Pope pictured with the Roman Racoon.
Who is under that costume. Probably a lady or his wife.
What happened to the building back there.
First time i have ever seen the Pope's eyes open .

Ski Diving (with Mascot)Funny Ski Diving (with Mascot)
Member reactions:

This sport was rejected when the mascots continued to drown...
I like how you included the Olympic mascots.

Madonna: Mascot or Sub?Funny Madonna: Mascot or Sub?
Member reactions:

Burger King`s New Mascot TeddyFunny Burger King`s New Mascot Teddy
Member reactions:

"I flatten you scary King so you will never come back."

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