The Marvel Avengers
The Marvel Avengers
The Marvel Avengers. Member reactions:
Great POV of Galactus. What is that small dark object above Galactus's head and next to the Silver Surfer.

Funny Marvels Emaciated Mangas

Marvels Emaciated Mangas
Since the fall of America and its subsequent union with the United Nations, America merged with the UN to become UNAmerica. Now, fully liberal a more understanding, more gentle super hero has emerged from the once greed mongering ruins of chaos and starvation. He is called Captain UNAmerica. His sidekick the UN Hulk still has issues.

Funny Marvel Avengers Movie To Break 1 Billion

Marvel Avengers Movie To Break 1 Billion
Avengers in the money Sources Hulk Happy
Member reactions:
No wonder they threw a big party to celebrate. I'd make the Hulk's head bigger, but it's a great work all around anyways.

Funny Marvel Comic Wars

Marvel Comic Wars
Star Wars And Marvel Join Forces. See it at view full for more mayhem.
Member reactions:
Had to laugh at the Darth Vader cat on the wall, and the whole chop is awesome.

Funny Disney Characters Welcome Marvel Superheroes

Disney Characters Welcome Marvel Superheroes
Source Please full view
Member reactions:
To say this chop is terrific is to say nothing. Full view is beautificent. Looks like professionally done poster.
My fav parts are the lil Nemo, and lil Mickey holding "Love you Spidey" sign.
Very nice work. Ditto to what Newsie said.
lots of work here, full view is a beauty,great attention to detail, the radio station is the icing on the cake. nice compilation.
congrats on the gold. My only critique would be that the reflections of Hulk and Spidey feel incorrect due to the distance/angle to the mirror that the characters are sitting. It feels a little too large.
outstanding win. professional job here. congrats on the gold xaos
I am so glad that this won Gold because it totally deserved it... Congrats Xaos...
Yep, the writing was on the wall Splendid work.
Thanks for all the comments and a BiG thank you for the win.

Funny Marvel Comics and Disney Characters

Marvel Comics and Disney Characters
thought about going with a funny combo, but then i saw a bunch of kingdom hearts pictures and i thought what if they did a badass crossover. haha
Member reactions:
I like how the Donald got star billing by his placement in your work. Star billing.... HA. (I am sorry - I didn't see the joke in that until after I wrote it.)
Totally COOL. One must study this to catch all the details ... very well done.*****
nice compilation looks like a real comic book cover

Funny Captain Marvel Gomer Pyle

Captain Marvel Gomer Pyle
Gomer Pyle becomes captain marvel when he says the magick word
Member reactions:
Ahhhh the dreaded captain Pyle in Mork mode, hahaha. This one is a trip down memory lane
I used to have a dog I called Shazam. And I don't think I've ever seen the dreaded Captain Pyle.

Funny Marvel Mutant Comic Characters

Marvel Mutant Comic Characters
chopped some resin statues

Funny Disney + Marvel = ?

Disney + Marvel = ?
The Mouse bought Spiderman, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and the X-Men... On August 31st Walt Disney announced it was buying Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion, just days after the comic-book publisher had celebrated 70 glorious years of independence, during which it had created many of the most famous cartoon characters not invented by Disney itself. Disney will get access both to Marvel's creative minds and potentially far more valuable in an age when familiar stories rule the box office - an archive containing around 5,000 established characters, only a fraction of which have yet made the move from paper to the silver screen. Now that Disney owns Marvel, let us show what kind of movies Disney will produce with Marvel characters - combine any Disney movie and Marvel movie. Pixar is a subsidiary of Disney, so any Pixar-Marvel movie merge is also good.

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